Petanque April Tournament

Gary Braun

The Petanque Committee held their monthly tournament on Saturday, April 2nd. The heavy fog lifted almost on cue with the familiar 9am horn blast, setting the wheels in motion for the 16 team 64 player tournament.

Petanque Chair Gary Braun greeted the players at check in and began with thanking Charlie Siebert and our tourney sponsor WAWA for the welcoming Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Donuts for the players through their Community Outreach Program. Good Stuff WAWA, THANK YOU. We love our sponsors, very much appreciated by all!

Gary then continued discussing the forming of specific job/event sub committees ranging from court maintenance to Crazy Petanque, for anyone to help out by signing up.  It takes many hands. Now for our tourney Winners….


Running the field and perfect all day Congrats to our ‘A’ Flight Champs (L-R) Tim Dickerson, Cathy Porrini, Anne Eberlin, and Gil Roy. This was one tough team!

Congrats also to our ‘B’ Flight Champs of (L-R) Duane Hite, Joyce Robbins, Jera Meighen, and Neville Carr who rallied after a first round loss and then won out.  Great going!


A special Shout Out and Thanks to Grill Master, Lynn Braun who worked her sizzlin magic to the delight of the players. I love the smell of hot dogs in the morning.

The 50/50 had 2 lucky dogs, Mike Porrini and Sam New who each took home $61.  Nice!

Thanks again to WAWA and Charlie Siebert for sponsoring the tournament. Tanglewood truly appreciates and support our sponsors!

Don’t forget to check out the sub committees and lend a hand. Volunteering is the beating heart of Tanglewood.

See You At The Courts, they are a fun bunch!


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