African Safari – NOT a vacation….it’s an EXPERIENCE!

You can’t imagine what’s it like to be on Safari!

No one can tell you or explain it to you……………you just have to do it for yourself.

Imagine seeing elephants, lions, giraffes, hippos, rhinoceroses, zebras and wildebeests all within 100 yards of you or sometimes less.  Imagine seeing hundreds of wildebeests crossing a river all at the same time, dodging alligators or crocodiles.

Imagine sleeping in a tent that really isn’t a tent.  Imagine seeing thousands of stars in the sky.   Imagine sleeping and hearing a lion snuffing outside your tent.

A Safari trip isn’t a vacation………it’s not about something you do.  It’s all about what you can experience nowhere else in the world.

Experiencthe Maasai tribe

The Maasai tribe, historically a nomadic people, have  traditionally relied on readily available materials and indigenous technology to construct their unusual and interesting housing.  The traditional Maasai house was designed for people on the move and thus their houses were very impermanent in nature. The houses are either circular or loaf-shaped, and are made by women. Their villages are enveloped in a circular Enkang (fence) built by the men and this protects their cattle at night from wild animals.

Traditional Maasai people’s lifestyle concentrates on their cattle which make up the primary source of food. Amongst the Maasai the measure of a man’s wealth is in terms of children and cattle. So the more the better. They believe that a man who has plenty of cattle but not many children is considered to be poor and vice versa. A Maasai myth says that God afforded them all the cattle on earth, resulting in the belief that rustling from other tribes is a matter of claiming what is rightfully theirs, a practice that has now become much less common.

Maasai Clothing: Clothing varies by sex, age and place. Young men wear black for several months after their circumcision. Although red is a favored color among the Maasai. Black, blue, checked and striped cloth are also worn, together with multi-colored African garments. In the 1960s the Maasai began to replace sheepskin, calf hides and animal skin for more commercial material. The cloth used to wrap around the body is the called Shúkà in the Maa language.

The Maasai women regularly weave and bead jewelry, which plays an essential part in the ornamentation of their body. Ear piercing and the stretching of earlobes are also part of Maasai beauty, and both men and women wear metal hoops on their stretched earlobes.

Can you imagine sleeping in tents out in the wilderness with indoor toilets and showers…… cooked right on the spot and sitting around the campfire with a glass of wine?     Or maybe you’d like to take a dip in the pool?

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Close your eyes and   Imagine ………………………….  



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