We’re Number One, Again!

Congratulations to Tanglewood!  We’ve been elected by the Highlands News-Sun as the Best Manufactured Home Community AND the Best Retirement Community!

How did we do this?  It was you.  And you.  And you over there.  It was the people who stop to chat while you’re working in your yard.  It’s the folks who offer to run to the store for you when you’re down with your sciatica.  It’s the neighbors who will walk your dog when you’re recovering from knee surgery.

It’s the TMAC Committees who provide us with entertainment all year around, and it’s the clubs and organizations that can be found for just about any interest you have, from singing in the choir to quilting to exercising.

It’s you, Bob and Linda and Jerry and Sharon and John  and Donna and Pat and Barb and Mary and Bill.

And it’s Billie and Darlene and Isaac and everyone else who works here.

Whether you just moved in last week, or you’ve been here for 22 years, this is your community.  Your home.  Be proud of it, and get involved.

That’s what it’s all about.

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