2022 TAL MAY Artist of the Month

Tanglewood Art League

Roger Beauman May 2022 Artist of the Month

Above: Self-portrait; above right: Sandhill Crane at Sunrise in Tanglewood.

Roger Beauman has been interested in the arts from an early age. He is no stranger in Tanglewood. You may have seen him at dawn or dusk at one of the various lakes in Tanglewood – he typically has his camera and tripod set-up as he patiently waits for that special shot. The photo above is one of those special shots. It shows a Sandhill Crane in the sky as the sun is setting on one of the lakes in Tanglewood.

Roger is an active member of the Tanglewood Art League and the Tanglewood Photography Club. He continues his journey in the arts in retirement. 

Roger has a great eye for composition and color. He has a handle on the technical end of editing and printing his photos. He recently presented a Tanglewood Art League Workshop on Digital Photography. It was held after a membership meeting in the Tanglewood Community Room, which was open to all residents of Tanglewood. It was well attended.

Roger started out with Basic Camera and Lens Discussion, followed by Factors to Consider: Camera Resolution, Lens Choice, Aperature/Speed/ISO and Depth of Field. Participants followed his slide presentation.

It included his Recipe for a Good Portrait; Taking/Editing the Portrait Photo; Printing the Photo and concluded with a Demonstration.

Everyone left with the satisfaction of knowing more about Digitial Photography than when they entered the room! Watch for future workshop programs presented by the Tanglewood Art League.

We invite you to view and enjoy Roger’s showcase display during the month of May. It is located in the Tanglewood Clubhouse to the right of Billie’s office window.


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