End Times Prophecy (Part 2) What is the Next Great Event?

End Times Prophecy (Part 2) What is the Next Great Event?  (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18)

Theme: Being (living) ready for Christ’s return

Introduction: I don’t know about you, but I get so sick of most of the news alerts I get on my phone and computer these days being ridiculous stories I could care less about. In fact, a quick reading of any legitimate newspaper or news website, on any given day will reveal that much of the news reported has little to no real relevance to any of our lives. But that is not true of the news that I want to talk to you about today, that is “What will be the Next Great Event in the future!” The signs of the times tell us we may be in the last days of this age, and we want to know what to expect next! The next great event in the future will be “The resurrection or rapture of the church!” (When Jesus “the Lord Himself” calls us up to meet Him in the air!) One of the clearest passages to describe this event is our text of great hope. But when it comes to this event one can be ignorant: due to lack of knowledge or… being indifferent to the knowledge that has been revealed. In either case, there is no need for ignorance about this next great event for three reasons starting with…

Don’t be despaired or discouraged nor let your hearts be troubled by what you see going on around you! Be encouraged and comfort one another with these words!

Listening Guide End Times Prophecy (Part 2) What is the Next Great Event

June 12, 2022 Service with Sermon What is the Next Great Event?


End Times Prophecy (Part 1) What in this World Is Going to Happen? (Selected passages)

Theme: Knowing what the future holds gives me confidence to live today

Introduction: We live in very uncertain times. A lot of crazy things are happening in the world today. Many want to know, “Are we living in the end times?” Just about every generation since the time of Jesus has thought they were living in the end times. Many want to know “What does the future hold?” We all would like to look into the future and know what tomorrow holds for us. And as Christians, we can. We can walk into the future with confidence and courage because God has given us hope! He has provided a clear picture of the last days in His world through prophecy. Prophecy is nothing to be ignored or ignorant of. The fact is God has revealed to us a great deal about the future through prophecy which takes up about one third of the Bible. However, before we survey God’s future plan in prophecy, we need to briefly review some potential dangers of such a study.

Now the question is: knowing what I now know, am I living today like I believe it with a sense of urgency and daily conduct that brings glory to God?

Listening Guide End Times Prophecy (Part 1) What in this World Is Going to Happen

June 5, 2022 Service and Sermon What in this World is Going to Happen?


























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