Clubhouse Hurricane Window Update

Questions Answered By Management

Recently I sent an email to Darlene with a list of the most common questions residents have been asking about the situation concerning the Clubhouse Hurricane Window Repairs. Her answers are in red print.


  1.  What has been done so far with the window?
    1. We have called several (27 or more) glass companies.
  2. When did you start looking for someone to fix it? 
    1. Isaac started calling two days after the storm, and he started with the original company that installed the windows.
  3. Have you taken any bids?
    1. Yes, we have 3 companies working on bids. They are working on where to get impact glass.
  4. If so, how many ‘bids’ are you required to have taken?
    1. (no comment made)
  5. If any of them are available now, what are you waiting for?
    1. If they were available, we would contract them to do the job. They will have to find material and a crane to replace windows.
  6. Why did you wait until the day after the hurricane drill to ‘send an email’ about it?
    1. I reached out to Pam Batey to let her know she would not be able to use the building at this time she did not return the call. I happen to see her in the clubhouse and let her know the week before the did the drill.
  7. Is corporate holding this up?
    1. Not at all.  Hometown America takes pride in taking care of their communities and the residents that reside in them.  Our goal is to make sure our buildings are safe for all to enjoy.
  8. Isn’t this an insurance claim? The money should not be an issue.
    1. It is not a money issue, and we are not waiting on insurance.  After hurricanes and other abnormal storms, we always work as quickly as possible and deal with insurance later.
  9. The HOA is willing to do whatever it takes to get this fixed immediately. (don toth)
    1. (No comment made)
  10. Is there another acceptable type of glass that would suffice?  The Safari A-1 Glass sponsor told us we could use tempered glass like the windshield of a car. It won’t shatter. And it is readily available…from him!  Just as hurricane safe as the specialty hurricane windows.
    1. I spoke with A-1 Glass when he left the clubhouse and he does not recommend using auto glass, as it would not pass county code, he only stated he does not shatter.
  11. Why haven’t you, been communicating SOMETHING to the residents about the progress or problem with getting this fixed?  
    1. I have spoken at length with residents at coffee and individually about the repairs and the time it takes to get quotes, that will be county compliant.
  12. Why have you waited two months before mentioning this to anyone who lives here? 
    1. Again, I have mentioned the windows and all other repairs I am working on in the community at morning coffees and to residents that come to me.
  13. What locations are you checking for someone to replace the window? 50 Miles? 100 Miles?
    1. We have reached out as far as need be to glass companies.
  14. How long a wait have you been told by a professional window company until this can be fixed?
    1. No one has stated how long it will be, they are still trying to get the glass that will be county compliant.
  15. Governor DeSantis has been notified of this emergent situation.
    1. (no comment made)
  16. About how many complaints does the office get referring to this window issue?
    1. Up until, the notice went out we had none. Residents would come in and ask. I explained we would not be able to use as a shelter due to being compromised by the hailstorm, until we had the repairs done, that we were working very diligently on it. I gave them hurricane packets with other alternatives.

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Pam Batey

Moved to Tanglewood in August 2016, with husband, Steve and dog, Maggie. Retired Paramedic, now continuing my hobby writing short stories and information in the "You and Your Health" Section of the newsletter. Active Member of Tanglewood Community Church.