We are just plain EXCITED!   Excited because we are so happy with the offering of the trips we’ve been able to assemble……….excited because we are extremely pleased with the prices that are coming in and really excited because we were able to put some trips that the men will be interested in.  Perhaps it’s now time for the men to drag their wives onto a trip instead of the other way around.

We will begin taking reservations on trips at MONDAY  MORNING COFFEE on Monday……..August 15th!!   Please keep in mind that we board by bus in the same order as we reserved spots.   And……..quite often we sell out quickly.

There is one trip that in not on the schedule at all at this time.  We are still working on it………. waiting for the powers that be to get back to us  (forever!)

Oct.  11 – Tuesday –  Airboat on Peace River………..limited to 30 people
Oct. 19 – Wednesday  – Oktoberfest……still working on final details 
Oct. 30 – Nov. 5    Nashville/Memphis

Nov.  8 – Tuesday  –  Titanic  Artifact Museum
Nov. 14 – Monday –  Our FIRST mystery trip
Nov. 29 – Tuesday –  a DAY at the beach

Dec. 7  – Wednesday – Lunch & a show at Broadway Palms Theatre
Dec.  12  or  19  – trip being worked on – Stay tuned!

Jan. 7 –  Saturday  – Trip to see the Manatees and a train ride
Jan 10 –  Tuesday  –   Mecum Car Auction & Show
Jan.  24 – Tuesday  –  Our SECOND  Mystery Trip
Jan. 30 – Monday  –  Small Island Caribbean Cruise

Feb. 7 – Tuesday  –   Pirate Dinner & Show
Feb. 13 – Monday  –  an EVENING  at the beach
Feb. 20 – Monday  –  Sarasota Circus –  25th year celebration

March 1 –  Wednesday – Big Cat Habitat
March 11 – Saturday  – Hendry County Agricultural trip
March 16 – Thursday  – Solomon’s Castle and Herman’s Lipizzan Stallions

We will start taking money and making reservations for these trips at MONDAY MORNING COFFEE on AUGUST 15th!    Trips and Travel representatives will be there at 7:30 am.


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