Mystery Trip #1

November 14th,  Trips and Travel will be offering for the first time ever a MYSTERY TRIP!    This is a trip that was formed……just for the fun of it!!   It doesn’t take you to any one special place to see something and it isn’t strictly for doing a special activity.  You might call it a Mystery Variety Trip.

The mystery is………WHERE are we going to take you!! The seeing and the doing that you will do……….is just part of the trip!!     It’s all about the adventure and the fun of taking a chance.    And………….it will be a interesting and fun day!!

We feel pretty certain that the men will get as much out of this trip as the women……..or at least we tried to get something in there that the men could enjoy!

This trip will leave in the morning at about 8 AM and we  plan to return mid to late afternoon.   Your first free  hint…is…that it takes about an hour and a half to get there.

Watch this site for additional clues.  We’ll add some periodically

Hint:  1: it’s a quadruple experience !

Hint: 2:  a place to lift your spirits  !


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