Mystery Trip #2

January  24………Our SECOND Mystery Trip!!

We can’t wait to get your reaction to THIS one!!!   In fact, we’re more anxious to return than we are to go because we want to see your reactions to this trip!

We are so confident that this will be such a great trip that we are predicting that those people who decide not to take a chance will say  “OH!  I WISH I would have gone.  Will you do it again?”

Both men and women will enjoy this trip…….it’s not just something to drag the men on.   We know that a lot of people have said they would like to do this…… we’re really confident that it will be a big hit!

We will tell you that it takes less than an hour to get to our fun destination  but the rest is the mystery and the surprise!

Watch this site………….we’ll add more hints as we go along

Hint  #1– we will need some captains

Hint  #2 –  hardly ANY walking on this trip



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