Independence Day Parade

As always, the Diversions Committee will be running the annual decorated Golf Cart Parade on July 4.  Since this is a Monday, we will line up and head out immediately following Coffee, probably around 9:30 or thereabouts.

Ooh! Aah!

You can decorate your cart or leave it commando.  Flamboyant is fine, and understated but tasteful is just as good.  When you come up for Monday Morning Coffee, park on the Petanque side of the clubhouse.  There will be Parking Guys on duty to direct you.

Because this is a Diversions event, you know what we do.  Yup, there will  be ice cream bars handed out after the parade.  We need you to sign up on the 4th of July parade sheet located on the credenza so we know how much ice cream to get.  

Don’t be confused with the signup sheet for the indoor picnic later in the day.  This information is pertaining to the parade only.

It will be hot, sure, but it is always fun.  Come celebrate America’s birthday with us.  Hang some red-white-and-blue and make some noise.  You can use your outside voice.

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