Summer Seek and Find Contest Results

The four weeks of poring through the articles posted in the TWRTimes are over.  This contest pitted your perseverance against your endurance, looking for a particular garden, or sign, or decoration out in various neighborhoods.  In the June heat and thunderstorms.

We had two teams tied for First Place!  Heather Paine and companion

Jan and Heather

Sasha, and Jan Nicoline and husband Rick Jenckes both turned in perfect scores for each of the four weeks.  They received $10 gift certificates to the Fairmount Cafe.  Second place went to Bob and Brenda Mossbarger, who had to leave for Up North before the contest ended, or they would have been top contenders also.

The TWRTimes thanks all who participated.  We’re formulating another type of seek & find competition, which will be wholly done in the comfort of your own air-conditioned home.  Look for it in August.

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