They Find Happiness

The Lost and Found Bookshop (2020) by Susan Wiggs is made for those who love to discover small shops filled with charm and of course books.

Natalie Harper inherits the bookshop after the death of her mother.  Natalie pretty much grew up in the shop that is located in a San Francisco historic district.  It is not long before she discovers her mother’s skill with all the paper work of running a business was most unusual.  That is not the only surprise that awaits Natalie.  Her mother did not own the shop.  Her grandfather, Andrew Grandy Harper owns it!

Grandpa Andrew does not want to sell the Rosewood Building.  Not only is it a historic building, it is part of his life.  Since he refuses to sell, Natalie decides to keep the shop and quits her day job.  She also decides to move into the small apartment located above the shop.

A way to keep the shop afloat is first on her agenda.  Grandpa thinks Natalie should hire a contractor to fix the many overlooked issues that have been discovered that have been overlooked over the years.

Enter Peach Gallagher.  Peach comes to the rescue quite unexpectedly.  He often brings his daughter Dorothy to the shop so he knows a little bit about it.  Peach and Natalie hit it off and begin to look for ways to stay aloft.  His appearance in the shop makes a difference in the shop’s looks.

It is not long before another man takes notice of the shop and Natalie.  Trevor Dashwood, a very popular author of young adult books, discovers the shop and enters her life.  Other characters come and go throughout the book.  And of course, Sylvia, the bookshop’s resident cat cannot be overlooked.

Life changing moments, new friendships, historic buildings, San Francisco, and of course…books.  Enjoy!

Evvie Drake Starts Over (2019) by Linda Holmes takes the reader across the U.S. to Maine.  This time baseball and friendship come together.

This story opens on a sad note.  Evvie’s husband, Tim, dies almost a year ago.  (Tim, a surgeon that everyone in town had on a pedestal) dies in a car crash.  Problem is, Evvie does not know how to grieve and with good reason.  She is trying hard to be and do what residents in her small town would expect of her.

As a 30-something widow she is handling it day by day, rarely leaving her home.  She knows she is in a rut, but does not want to share the “why” of her feelings. Not even with her best friend Andy.

Andy who has been close friends with both Evvie and Andy over the years.  Andy came up with an idea to help Evvie.  He suggests renting out the home’s attached apartment.  In fact, Andy has someone in mind.  That someone would be Dean Tenney, a famous baseball pitcher.  Dean has also met up with the downside of life due to his case of “the yips”.  Hence his entrance into early retirement which was totally unexpected.

Evvie and Dean both decide Andy’s idea might just work.  This unique and unexpected idea gives each of them a new direction to their lives since both have had losses with which to deal.  And, as you may have expected, a friendship begins to blossom.

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