Books That Honor Veterans

It is pretty safe to say that most everyone of us here in Tanglewood knows someone connected to the military.  Maybe a spouse, a relative, a child, or a neighbor.

Tanglewood’s Library Committee would like to pay honor to all Veterans by highlighting books which deal with that topic.  Many, many of our residents experienced life in the military.  Each book on display tells a story of what some of our heroes, both men and women, went through serving our country. By reading just one from the display or the shelves, you will definitely walk away with an understanding of the challenges of those who served. Just another way of thanking these heroes.

In no special order:

The World Played Chess (F) – 1979 – 17 year old Vincent just graduated and lands a job working as a laborer with two Vietnam vets.  He learns more than he wants to know.  That experience followed him and tries to explain it to his son who just graduated high school.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever (NF) – Yes, there is a movie of this book soon to be in the theaters.  As you know, the movie rarely holds up to the book.  I guarantee you will enjoy getting to know Chickie and will cheer him on with his crazy idea to take beer to some neighborhood buddies that are in Vietnam.  I am looking forward to the movie version because I read the book.  

The Road Home (F) It begins with an antiwar attitude.  It led to a young woman who decided to do her part even though it meant angering family and friends.  She has quite a story to tell.

Last Summer Boys (F) – It is1968.  Two 13 year old boys are determined to make their older brother famous so he does not get sent to Vietnam.  After all, famous people do not get drafted.  It involves a wrecked fighter jet that is rumored to be in a nearby woods.  Think of yourself as a 13 year old as you read.

The Things They Carried (F) – This book of basically short stories has been around for a while.  While not exactly a true story, it is based on experiences the author had in Vietnam.                                      

The Girls Who Stepped Out of Line (NF) – This was a real eye opener for me.  I never heard anything about it in school.  Strong women who wanted to make a difference…which they did.  I felt so angry and hurt about  how they were treated.  But they stood their ground.  Each chapter is about a different woman.

Rosie the Riveter (NF) – This title was picked as a salute to my mother.  She was a Rosie when Dad was off doing his part in the 82nd Airborne and had a baby boy to care for.

Ghost Soldiers (NF) – An amazing tale of Army Rangers and their efforts to rescue the survivors of the Bataan Death March. Not only that, it the reader can picture how the POWs worked, lived and made it out.  513 made it out through the efforts of the Rangers.

A Sailor’s Journey (NF) – A sailor’s memories of time spent in the Navy from boot camp to the Destroyer USS Dupont beginning in 1966. This book was originally just intended for his family.  It gives you an in idea of daily life on a destroyer during Vietnam years.  He also wrote about an event of a lifetime…being on board for a recovery ship for an Apollo launch.

Walk in My Combat Boots (NF) – Written by James Patterson and NOT a fictional account.  Each story is real and told by the individual who experienced the event. You will not regret turning the pages of this book of events most us of will never experience.

K-9 Warriors (NF) – If you have ever wondered how military dogs are trained, this is the book for you.  As a member of a SEAL team in Iraq, he witnessed just what these military dogs could do.  Training those special dogs became his calling.

 Judy…A Dog in a Million (NF) – Judy, a liver and white English pointer, was adopted as a stray puppy.  She was adopted by the crew of the HMS Grasshopper, a small ship by most standards.  Judy earned her keep more that one time by alerting the ship to trouble, plus saving countless lives of the Allied Forces.  N.B. Judy was the only Animal POW held during the 2nd World War.                  

The Mosquito Bowl (NF) – The title caught my name.  Once I started reading I could not stop turning the pages.  The games take place just before the invasion of Okinawa.  You will want, no, should, read this very true tale of bravery.  It is pretty much told minute by minute.  Read this book, read every page of it including the Epilogue, the Notes on Sources, and the Bibliography…so much information .

Each book was chosen and read with no agenda other than to learn about something that this writer did not personally experience and to honor those who stepped up to the cause.

What was experienced was watching young men and women going off to Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan where they put their lives on the line for those of us back home.  Each book on display tells their story.

Many, many other books of life in the military can be found on the shelves of Tanglewood Library.  If you just select one to read, you will be honoring all those who put their lives on the line for you and yours.  Thank you from this military wife and daughter.



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