Unwrapping Christmas (Part 5) Christmas Love

Unwrapping Christmas (Part 5) Christmas Love  Luke 2:1-7

Theme: Focus: On the significance in how God showed love by giving Christ.

Introduction: There is so much that comes at us especially this time of the year. Before we know it, Christmas day is here, and it seems that we just did not get prepared to celebrate it as we had hoped. The world’s way of celebrating Christmas sometimes has a way of keeping us from enjoying the Lord Jesus’ birthday in spirit and truth. One of the best ways to grasp Christmas joy is to consider the lives of those who are closely connected with the physical birth of Christ. But if you really want to grasp true joy during the Christmas season and especially on Christmas day, it is important that you catch the significance in how God showed love by giving Christ. God gave His Son and Christ came willingly in a true expression of sacrificial love. Just what is the significance in how God and Christ showed their love to us? John 3:16 says, “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  The Greek word for “believes” means to put complete trust in, to have no doubt about, or to be certain of.  The application of this word as applied in John 3:16 is to have such a belief in Jesus Christ that how He lived and what He taught has a continued effect on how you live. Through this message, if you let Him, the Holy Spirit will help you find and trust in the love of God and Christ and be certain about that love. Where can we find the expression of this Christmas love?

Conclusion: The truths of today’s message that must be grasped if you are going to walk in Christmas joy and know and trust the Love of God are simple.  Just as Christ was born in conditions that were dark and hostile to the work of God, the love of God in Christ can be revealed in the spiritual heart of all who want to know Him. (2 Corinthians 13:5) Do you know Him?

Listening Guide Unwrapping Christmas Part 5 Christmas Love

December 25, 2022 Service and Sermon Christmas Love


Unwrapping Christmas (Part 4) Christmas Hope  Matthew 2:1-11

Theme: Focus: Hope promised in the Word of God is a unique hope that is far beyond a wish, it is an absolute certaninty.

Introduction: Hope as it is used in the Word of God has a much different meaning than the word hope used in this world. The problem with the world’s view on hope is it is all based on uncertainty. …there is no guarantee you will get what you’re aiming for or accomplish what you want or even find the fulfillment you seek. In fact, this kind of hope in reality, is only wishes. However, the hope promised in the Word of God is a unique hope that is far beyond a wish, it is an absolute certainty. It is the kind of hope found in the life of the Magi. The question before us today is, “just what is this hope and how do we express a life that says, “My hope is in Christ?”

One of the greatest joys of Christmas is having a firm grip and understanding that we have the Hope of Christmas and that this season brings. We can discover this Christmas hope as we take time to look at the hope displayed in the lives of those who were physically involved in the life of Christ that first Christmas. Our text says, “After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea… Magi from the east came to Jerusalem…”

Conclusion: Christians don’t have a “hope-so” hope. We have the sure hope that was expressed by the Wise Men that enabled them to seek the Lord. God guiding the Magi to where Christ lived is a sure hope that God can bring all who seek Jesus to a place in their lives where they can enjoy worshipping the Lord. This kind of hope can be enjoyed by every Christian willing to let this hope carry them a great the distance, to seek the Lord…Be determined to search the counsel of God’s Word and…Display the kind of worship of offering our best gifts that is due to Christ. This Christmas are you expressing this kind of Christmas hope?

Listening Guide Unwrapping Christmas Part 4 Christmas Hope

December 18, 2022 Service and Sermon Christmas Hope


Unwrapping Christmas (Part 3) Christmas Treasures  Luke 2:19

Theme: Focus: God sent His Son to invade the dominion of sin upon this earth and the Hold Spirit to liberate Christmas from the grip of the flesh, the world and the devil.

Introduction: On the twenty-fifth of this month much of the United States will close their stores, business offices will be closed and very few people will be traveling in comparison to the normal day of the week. Christmas has even provided a day off for those who reject the worship due to Christ, the Savior of the world. The response of most today, even church attendees, is nowhere near like those who heard the proclamation of the birth of Christ on that first Christmas. However, to the Spirit-filled Christians there are Christmas treasures worth pondering in their hearts. They become like Mary, who in the midst of all the excitement, took time to ponder. The Bible says, “But Mary kept) or “treasured up” all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19)

Allow me to share three Christmas treasures I believe the Holy Spirit of God wants us to ponder in our hearts today starting with:  This Christmas treasure of having the link we have with Christ to us on earth is worth pondering in the heart of Christians.

Listening Guide Unwrapping Christmas Part 3 Christmas Treasures

December 11, 2022 Service and Sermon Christmas Treasurers


“Unwrapping Christmas” (Part 2) Christmas Gifts  Luke 2:14

Theme: Grrasping the eternal gilfs of Christmas will completely change a person’s attitude toward the season which we now celebrate.

Introduction: There are eternal gifts for those who grasp the truths of Christmas with their hearts. Understanding those gifts and walking in the free grace by which these gifts come, will completely change a person’s attitude toward the season which we now celebrate.  Today we want to explore three of the greatest gifts of Christmas.

Conclusion: Receiving the Gift of God, Jesus Christ as personal Savior and Lord, offers three wonderful and eternal gifts. He clears the Christian’s past, takes care of him/her in the present state in life, and secures his/her future here and in eternity.  I pray today, you are enjoying these Christmas gifts!

Listening Guide Unwrapping Christmas Part 2 Christmas Gifts

December 4, 2022 Service and Sermon Unwrapping Christmas (Part 2) Christmas Gifts


Unwrapping Christmas (Part 1) Christmas Miracles  Jn. 1:14

Theme: A focus on the truths and purposes of God becoming man.

Introduction: Miracles are an absolutely essential element in Christianity. (For example…) If Jesus Christ is not God manifested in the flesh, then our faith is a silly myth. If He did not rise from the dead in bodily form, with the grave being empty and His appearance being recognizable, then we are yet in our sins and, of all people, the most miserable. If the miracle of grace is not verifiable in the transformation of the life of the one who puts his faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, then our Christian gospel is a miserable fraud.

C.S. Lewis gives this definition, “A miracle is an interference with nature by supernatural power.” One of the greatest miracles to have ever taken place was in Bethlehem a little over 2,000 years ago, when God interfered with the natural way of bringing children into this world through a virgin who gave birth to a child. I would propose to you that one of the best ways to grasp the joys of Christmas is to fully understand and be prepared to tell others about the miracles of Christmas. However, did you know there was not just one – but at least four miracles that took place during that first Christmas. (Can you name them?

Christians need to understand and be able to teach others who came at Christmas, how He came, who He came to and the benefits of His coming. I will go so far as to say, “every Christian” needs to be able to take the events of the birth of Christ and point people to the miracles that took place at the time of His birth. So, just what are four miracles that took place during that first Christmas season?

Conclusion: It is because of Jesus that God will send His Holy Spirit into the lives of every Christians so that, they may live a full life walking with the Lord and exercising their Holy Spirit gifts under the guidance of sacrificial love with boldness be His witnesses.  All this for the cause of Christ and for the benefit of all they serve.

Listening Guide Unwrapping Christmas Part 1 Christmas Miracles

November 27, 2022 Service and Sermon – Unwrapping Christmas Part 1 Christmas Miracles


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