Living the Intentional Life (Part 3) The God Intoxicated Life

The Intentional Life (Part 3) “The God Intoxicated Life”  (Cor.6:1)

Theme: Living a God-filled, Spirit-led life

Introduction: I am sure you know (or have seen in others of course), what happens to us when someone gets intoxicated. To be intoxicated by definition is to have your faculties taken over by some substance. When this happens, you do and say things you normally would not. You are not in control, but rather you are under the influence or control of something else! We all have intoxicated lives of some kind…    So, let me ask you, are you presently “Intentionally” living a God intoxicated life?

What happens to a person whose life is intoxicated by God? What kind of things would they say and do? What does it look like to live a life totally full of and under the influence of God? You can choose today to have a God intoxicated life by being among those who choose to fill your life with Jesus! And it happens when we make three simple discoveries and intentionally do them!

Conclusion: Intentional living when it comes to our faith requires us to take a look at what is filling our lives!  The one with a God intoxicated life is a great example and they have a love, a light and life worth sharing! If that’s not you today – It can be when you chose to intentionally begin to take the steps that lead you to “The God intoxicated life” – The life the Father desires for you to have?

Listening Guide The Intentional Life (Part 3) The God Intoxicated Life

January 22, 2023 Service and Sermon  “The God Intoxicated Life”


Living The Intentional Life (Part 2) “The one Thing missing”  Text:  Rev. 2:1‑7

Theme: Keeping our love for Christ first

Introduction: In book of Revelation Jesus addresses seven things to seven churches that were intended for all churches to read and benefit from. These seven messages are given to seven literal churches that represent churches of all ages (today we’ll look at one). The message of Jesus to this church is His message to the church today. And any message Jesus has for the church should also speak to each of us individually as well because we are the church. So, while we review this message, we must apply it personally; and examine our own hearts and intentional living when it comes to our faith. The first church Jesus addresses is “the church at Ephesus”

Conclusion: If we are going to raise the level of our living – we must start with intentional living in the area of our faith!

Intentional living in my faith must begin with replacing “The one thing missing!”

Listening Guide Living The Intentional Life (Part 2) The One Missing Thing

January 18, 2023 Service and Sermon The One Missing Thing


Living the Intentional Life (Part 1) “Quenching Spiritual Dryness” (Psalms 42)

Theme: What to do with and in times of spiritual droughts

Introduction: When it comes to our faith; let’s be honest, there are times in our lives when we can feel very empty spiritually, we can find ourselves in a state of nothingness. Nothing seems to interest us spiritually; we do not seem to have the energy to get excited about the things of God. We want to be excited; we want to be interested, but it just not happening for us. We feel like we are wandering in a spiritually dry desert. We are dying of thirst, but cannot seem to find what we need to get on or back on track. This brings us to Psalms 42


There is a cure for spiritual dryness or (depression) but it is not in us. It is in God!

Listening Guide Living the Intentional Life Part 1 Quenching Spiritual Dryness

January 8, 2023 Service and Sermon Quenching Spiritual Dryness



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