Where’s the Heat ?

Christmas In Tanglewood

Christmas in Florida this past year was one of the coldest on record with a temp low of 31 degrees at the Tampa airport. Residents in Tanglewood were dressed like polar bears while their grandkids were running around in shorts and a t-shirt complaining about the pool not being open. But good news…the sun is now shining and the grands have returned home up north. It did get a little chilly at our house on the 23rd of December, (the new furnace quit heating around midnight Christmas Eve morning). At 2am it was a crisp 64 degrees in the living room. We contacted the service number that was flashing on our thermostat. They would send out a repairman asap. At 4am still no knock on the door.  Our dog, Maggie, usually follows me around the house. But not tonight. She was submerged deep under the covers of our bed. 

Finally, a knock on the door around 8am which appeared to be about ‘asap’ for our repairman to arrive. No apologies, not even a merry Christmas, but he did inform us of his intent to shut off our power for about 20 minutes while he went to work. 

Now walking briskly toward the kitchen as it was time for one last ‘heat wave’. My oven had been set at 400 degrees and as I pulled open the door a burp of warmth came oozing into the kitchen. Enough to give you ‘goose bumps’ and make your hair stand up for a few seconds. It’s a good thing I thought to bake cinnamon rolls during this frigid morning.

One week later, now January 2nd, there was a fog advisory. Draped across Tanglewood and all of Sebring the fog gave us zero visibility according to the weatherman.  But, we didn’t freeze and you don’t have to shovel fog. In fact, today was the warmest day we’ve had all year!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the sunshine state warming up in Paradise – Tanglewood Florida.

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