Just Enough Pressure

You and Your Health Care

On most Monday mornings in the Craft Room from 7:15 – 8:15 am residents come to have their blood pressure checked manually.  The volunteers are mostly retired nurses who have years of experience taking blood pressures. This stewardship is sponsored by Tanglewood Community Church Health Ministry.

The first person you meet before entering the craft room is usually Karen Nelson, a member of the church. She has two boxes filled with alphabetized index cards for recording  information on each person’s card. Karen stamps the correct date on the card then hands it to the resident. 

As you walk into the Craftroom, the next person to greet you is normally Lucrecia LaBozzetta, “Cre” always has a smile on her face as she directs the residents to one of four open chairs available next to the volunteer nurses. It varies from week to week on the number of residents attending to the number of nurses available to perform the check. 

Kathi Flyte, Judy Anderson, and Marie McDonald, are some of the nurses who volunteer their time to make our health ministry possible. Since the part-time residents have returned to Tanglewood, the total number of participants has steadily increased. You do not have to be a member of Tanglewood Community Church to volunteer. 

Blood Pressure checks are offered on a bi-weekly basis during the summer months from April to September. We are currently In the winter months, (October to May). The best time to have your BP checked is usually BEFORE sipping on that first cup. But like most coffee drinkers, you need that Breakfast Blend to kick start your day. Sometimes there is a waiting line. We don’t take call ahead seating, but normally you can be processed and back out within 5-7 minutes. The volunteers get to meet new residents and the residents have the opportunity to keep an eye on their blood pressure numbers. We record your information on a 4×6 index card. When the card gets full, it’s yours to keep or take to your physician up North.

Please stop by and say hello to the ladies who have faithfully made this service a success week after week. Thank you to all those who participate. We would not exist without your steady hands and warm smiles shared with each resident as they go through the process to stay healthy.  If you are experienced in taking blood pressures and would like to help out ‘occasionally’, please contact either myself or Kathi Flyte for details.


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