Reverend Randy’s Ramblings

Editor’s Note:  The Tanglewood Residents’ Times is pleased to welcome Reverend Randy Williams as a new contributor.  Randy is a semi-retired minister and is “The Voice” of Monday Morning Coffee’s God Bless America.  Read on:

Rev. Randy Williams

We are blessed to live in houses with an automatic sprinkler system. Living in Florida it’s not a surprise that grass will simply die without a continual water supply.
We are much like grass,we continually need water. We need to be watered each and every moment of our lives. We need to draw from God’s Living Water—His life.
Only as we continually draw from Christ -His life and strength – will we be able to grow strong amid the scorching heat and searing winds of life.
Are you drawing from Christ, your Living Water, today?  Or are you trying to live on your own? God’s life and strength awaits you. Let Him water your soul over and over again each day.

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