In this article you will see just a small sample of all of the phenomenal things you will see if you join us on the MIGHTY 5 and MORE  trip.   Mighty 5 Itinerary   You will see the most extraordinary landscapes everywhere you look.  All of the parks we will visit are fairly close together yet the differences are amazing.

These pictures are from ANTELOPE CANYON .  An extraordinary place to visit.  An Indian guide will escort you through, tell you about the canyon and help you get the right pictures.   The best way to describe Antelope Canyon is to say it’s an above ground cave……..yet you can see the sky and it’s roomy.


When you take the float trip  on the COLORADO RIVER you will see HORSESHOE BEND
and other spectacular sights.

and then there is the SPECTACULAR   ARCHES  NATIONAL  PARK.   You won’t be able to see them all because there are more than 2,000 arches throughout the park.   Nevertheless they are phenomenal.

But there is even more……….let’s go to BRYCE CANYON


And on to ZION


Have you ever seen CAPITOL REEF???



And last but certainly NOT least because MONUMENT VALLEY is an absolute must to see when you are in the Southwest.  Here we’ll have an Indian Guide to show us around and I guarantee that if you have never been here you will truly be in awe of this  most amazing site.

Did you notice that there were more than 5 parks included here?  Well…..that’s the MORE.  We have had this trip customized to the sights and locations that one MUST see when they are in this area.  SOME of these pictures are from our trip on the Grand Circle several years ago………..and everybody knows that pictures NEVER are as good as being there.    Come with us………..see all of the SPECTACULAR /PHENOMAL sights for yourself.  You’ll never regret spending the money.  We are taking reservations at Monday Morning coffee.

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