Welcome Gala 2023 – What a Day!

Mary Lee Cipriano and the entire Welcome Committee put together a program for new (within one year) residents.  They included a Captain of the Sheriff’s Department talking about senior safety, the Chairman of the Computer Club warning us about current scams against seniors, and general information about Tanglewood.

The Committee was all arrayed in yellow shirts with sunflower corsages.  They delivered several varied kinds of munchies, prepared by our own Selena Freeland.  Hometown America provided the drinks and some manpower in the kitchen.

Each TMAC Committee and several independent organizations were invited and tables set up for each one.    After an hour of schmoozing and visiting the tables, the guests were seated for a quick game of Heads or Tails.  After that we were all given a minute to speak about our group.  Although this was aimed at the residents who moved in last year, there were quite a few old-timers in the hall as well.  Hopefully they came for information and not just the free food.  And if they learned something, and will be joining a new Committee, good for them.

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