Better Late Than Never, Holiday Decorating Winners

It was brought to my attention that the TWRTimes never published the names of the winners of the Outdoor Decorating Committee’s home decorating contest.  Mea Culpa.  So, with apologies for the delay, here are your winners:

Outback RV Section:  Jeff and Jan Bacon,  534 Wilderness Circle
Outback Homes:  Jerry & Donna Elenbaas,  902 Antelope
Carefree:  John & Catherine Locricchio,  1055 Celebration
Tanglewood Circle:  Wayne Rustad,  1556 Tanglewood Circle
Dream Catcher:  Rich & Kelly Paller,  4160 Smoke Signal
Wildflower:  Lou & Sandy Deavers,  1602 Wildflower
Whistlestop:  Bill & Jackie Mogilski
Big Sky:  Tim & Marie Smith,  3076 Going to the Sun
Bayside:  Wayne & Mary Cousins,  2112 Bayside

Congratulations to all our winners, and to everyone else, thank you for helping make our community festive.

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