Announcement: Repair Updates from Tanglewood Management

Dear Residents –

We hope this communication finds you well. Our community experienced two detrimental natural disasters in 2022, and the recovery has been slower than any of us would like. We understand there are some questions about the status of repairs within the community, and we want to take this opportunity to update you on where everything stands.

Please know our team has been working hard to gather bids and secure contractors and supplies for months, but we’re still facing some challenges. Specifically, we have not been able to find the same siding to replace the material that was destroyed during the hailstorm. Additionally, since Hurricane Ian, most contractors have been prioritizing the beach areas which were the hardest hit.

As always, we appreciate your patience. We are also very grateful for all the residents who have worked with us and your neighbors to help rebuild. Thanks for all that you’re doing to keep our community a great place to live.

Clubhouse Closing

  • The Clubhouse will be closing for the installation of the impact windows on 1-30-23 and will reopen on 2-2-2023. This is a big job with heavy materials and equipment, and we want to ensure everyone’s safety.


  • As you know many of the road repairs have been completed, and we have several more areas to go. We have about 60-80 areas that were disrupted by high groundwater. As the water level subsides, we will continue to repair those that were not repairable due to the amount of water in or around them.

General Debris Removal & Resident Needs

  • ●Most of the hurricane home repairs have been completed
  • ●We still have homes that were damaged in the hailstorm that are waiting on siding, windows and small aluminum jobs

 Completed Projects

  • ●Office roof
  • ●All 16 park models have been repaired – aluminum, shingles, carports and siding with the exception of some screens due to the hailstorm
  • ●Storage gate board and slider
  • ●Major trees that were downed have been cleaned up
  • ●Replacing shrubs that were damaged

In-process Projects

  • ●Wood shop chain link fence has begun
  • ●Glass for park models has begun
  • ●Pool shed was ordered and slated to be here mid-January and installed
  • ●Impact windows have been delivered and are scheduled for installation January 30
  • ●Comfort station-laundry will be scheduled shortly
  • ●Screen repairs to major buildings and ceiling fans in the verandah and the activities building will be installed next week
  • ●RFID reader gate system will start Monday; There will be a form and instructions in the February newsletter for the application of the tags. We will have scheduled days and times for each neighborhood in Tanglewood, and residents will need to bring the completed form on your scheduled day.Outstanding Projects
  • ●Aluminum gutters, fascia and awnings on all buildings; we have a start date in February
  • ●Shop repairs
  • ●Highway 27 sign; we are waiting for bids
  • ●Signs throughout the community; we are waiting on eight to come in
  • ●Front gate cameras; we are waiting on bids
  • ●Road repairs; we still have high groundwater levels and cannot get in to do approximately 36 more repairs. AP Civil will be out third week in January
  • ●Comfort station screen, alum, door and siding; we are waiting on bids
  • ●96 windows on park models; glass is on backorder
  • ●Drag marks in the shuffleboard courts

As always, please give us a call if you need to report any damage or have questions about these updates.

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