TMAC Meeting

On Wednesday, March 15th, at precisely 3:00 PM the first TMAC meeting of the year began with our new President, Gary Braun and a new Vice President, Kristen Sapato, along with Secretary, Kathi Flyte and Treasurer, Kathy Wyatt all in attendance. After the pledge to the flag Gary began his ‘inaugural’ President’s report. One of his statements referred to the missing chairmen at the meeting. He stated if a chairman can’t attend the TMAC meeting, then their Vice Chair should take their place. Another item on his agenda was ‘Teamwork’ between the board members.

Gary also addressed the financial situation with TMAC. There will be special meetings with Chairmen and their treasurers to review and audit each committee’s finances. The executive board is currently reviewing the records from the past treasurer. 

The new Vice President, Kristen Sapato stated she planned to keep everyone updated on committee projects and would have more to report at the next meeting.

Gary introduced the two new treasurers on the board.  The primary treasurer is Mary Hohensee who was not at the meeting along with Kathy Wyatt as assistant treasurer.

When a vote was called to accept the treasurer’s report it was voted down. During discussion members let it be known their financial statements were not correct. Several members of the executive board will be holding special meetings with chairman and their treasurer. Emails will be sent out with dates.

Activities Director, Billie Lopez spoke next and welcomed the new board members. Prior to the meeting, she distributed a list of all committee officers communication information. Resident Appreciation week was mentioned along with the details for the HTA newsletter and other activities scheduled. There will be a class on March 30 from 10-Noon open to  everyone to attend concerning the online calendar. Advised to bring your own laptop. 

The board members each spoke on their past and present committee plans. The floor was open to the audience. No one came to the microphone. The meeting was adjourned.

If you would like to watch a recording of the meeting, Click on this link: 


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