Stay Tuned………..

MANY  MANY  THANKS  to all of you who have traveled with us and supported us over the last two years as we rebuilt the Trips and Travel committee.    Our success is totally derived from your continued support.

We know that some of the trips you’ve requested did not happen.  Sometimes a trip is just not a workable one due to many different elements that go into any given trip, or we did not have an available trip leader.   But keep those suggestions coming……..we do look into each and every one.

We are now working diligently to form our trip schedule for next season and hope to have a schedule in place soon.   The schedule, as it forms, will be put on so that you can stay in touch from wherever you are.

We realize that many of you were disappointed to arrive back in Tanglewood this past season only to find that many of the trips were already sold out.   THIS SEASON…..we hope to remedy that by e mailing our schedule and putting the schedule on  If you see a price on a trip………….that means it is currently being sold and you can make your reservation.  If you are up North…..there is no need to take a chance that trips will be sold out before you arrive back in Tanglewood.    You will be able to mail us your check or call us with your credit card.  (credit cards carry a 3% fee).

We will also be emailing the schedule to those of you who are on our e mail list.  You can get on this list by signing up at the Trips and Travel credenza. (please print legibly)    Sometimes we cannot read the writing and e mails come back as undeliverable.

To those of you who are leaving us……….have a GREAT summer……….for those of you who are staying……..we’ll see you in the pool.   Wherever you are ….  stay safe  and stay in touch with us here at  And THANKS again for your continued support!!






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