Special Food Drive for Hungry Kids

Tanglewood – it’s time for the annual collection of single-serve foods which are given out to students in need.

Maybe back when you were a child there were days when there wasn’t enough to eat in the house. Or when you were told to be happy with bread and margarine, or a bowl of Rice Krispies for supper because that was all there was.

Or maybe not. Many of us came from families who were “comfortable”, if not well off. If that’s the case, congratulations. Unfortunately these days there are more and more children who aren’t sure if there will be anything to eat tonight or tomorrow.

There are dozens of kids who receive a backpack full of food after school on Friday, to help them and their families get through the weekend. And here’s where we can help.

Paula Novak and helpers are coordinating a food drive specifically for those items that the school administrators put into the backpacks of the hungry kids. The date is Wednesday, March 29. Gather some of the following food items and have it out on your driveway by 8:30 for collection.

The donations will be given to the school administrators for distribution. Single serving packs of: Mac and Cheese, Fruit Cups, Snacks (granola bars, cereal bars), and most importantly, single serving cans of Spaghettios, beef stew, Beef-a-Roni, and the like. These are the items they are looking for.

Thank you and God Bless Your Generosity.  If you haven’t time to go shopping, monetary donations are also accepted. Drop off to my house (Paula Novak) by 11:00 am on Wednesday – Cash or checks made out to “A Heart Like His Foundation”


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