Meet the Staff of the TWRTimes

The TWRTimes is Tanglewood’s own Internet Newsletter. It is written and published by residents of our park, and it is updated every day.

Some of our popular news categories include Welcome News, Activity News, Sports News (Tanglewood teams), minutes of the TMAC (Tanglewood Master Activity Committee) meetings, Veterans News, and Church News. We also have a number of monthly Features, including The Recipe Box, Destinations, Library News, Dining Out (restaurant reviews), You and Your Health plus Healthy Habits and Management News. Remember to check out TWRTimes’ Sponsor Advertisements – just click on the link TWRTimes Advertisements 2023, the first article under Tanglewood News. These are all the companies that help pay for our online newsletter.

In addition, look for interviews with interesting residents in Hobby Spotlight and our Man-on-the-Street type stories. Check out Trips and Travel News, Tanglewood Art League, Who We Are and even Table Games Rules.

Don’t forget to look on the left side of the Home Page under Welcome Committee and see  “Tanglewood Activities 2023-2024”. This will explain about the activities and committees plus who to contact to learn more about them.  Under that is  “Check-Off List for Closing your Tanglewood Home”  That was developed to help those that are seasonal and need to close their home for awhile.


Shirley Kabet, Chairlady, Editor.  Management News,  Local News
Bob Larocque, Vice Chair.  Sports Editor, Dance, Freelance
Nancy Foley, Treasurer.  Tanglewood Church News, Sermon Study Guides, Sponsor Ads
Betsey Ellis, Secretary.  Word of the Week, States Well Stated
Dave Dinger, Technical Support, TangleWoofers, Asst. Sports Editor, Freelance

Mary Lee Cipriano, Welcome News, Destinations
Kristie Plank, Book Reviews, Library News
Donna Scorse,  Special Events News, The Recipe Box
Gayle Homoly,  Photographer, Freelance
Tom McKeever,  The Geezer Report, Interesting Interviews
Mitzi Case, Photographer, Mitzi’s Musings
Pam Batey,  You and Your Health
Penny Irilli,  Trips and Travel News

And we thank our contributors, Jack Nelson (storm watches), Pastor Bill Burnham (The Everlasting Word), and Cheryl McCullough (Veterans News).

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