Announcement: Hurricane Registration Form & Shelter Information

Hurricane Drill Recorded with MMC Drop Box is now in Clubhouse on Credenza

Earlier this summer, Dr. Bill Burnham, Pastor of Tanglewood Church spoke first about the steps to take in order to prepare for a hurricane if needed.  Now that we’re into the “season”, it’s  important to review the procedure.

Greg Plank had set up a mock sleeping arrangement for the new residents to get an idea of how the clubhouse would look once a hurricane was immanent. He also demonstrated the size of luggage or a cooler needed to bring into the clubhouse.  Kristen Sapato explained how the Pet Station would be set up for those with fur babies. They would be housed in the Community Room, preset by Greg Plank to hold up to 80 pets! The Hurricane Relief Packet should be available at the front office later this week. 

If you plan to come to the clubhouse in case of a hurricane warning, you will need to register your name and a few other items. Click on the link below to take you to the sight. There will be volunteers available to help you out with the registration at each Monday Coffee. They will be located at a table beside the other committees. You will need your ICE (in case of emergency) person’s name and phone number. It should NOT be your spouse if they are coming with you to the clubhouse.

Many residents filled out a form for Management with the same information which is good, but if you want to stay in the clubhouse, your registration is also required on the link. This allows us to know how many residents/pets to expect when needing Volunteers to help out  during that time. If you should change your mind about staying in the clubhouse, please let one of the Hurricane Link Volunteers be made aware so we can open up another spot for someone else.

NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY until Emergency Management-Fire-Police indicate it is too dangerous to be outside. The Tech Committee will be communicating with them. Once the clubhouse doors are locked down. No one will be permitted to come in or go out during this extreme weather condition time period. If you come to the clubhouse at the last minute before shutdown, and haven’t registered, no worries, we will take care of that, but no promises of a cot to sleep in if at night. Leave your complaints at home. Bring a pillow and blanket and be thankful you are in a safe place.

The link is listed below. Left click on it and it should take you to the electronic form.  Keep watching and reading here in the times newsletter for updates.

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