Make Someone Happy with Flowers, 12 Times

Or you can make 12 someones happy once each.  And it’s easy.

The TMAC board is raising money for month-to-month expenses, helping out non-income-generating committees, insurance and the like.  One of their ongoing projects is flower bouquets from Ridge Florist (right behind Publix on  Memorial Drive).  The deal is simple:  You buy a certificate from the TMAC Treasurer at a Monday Coffee, for $20.  This card entitles you to get a small, fresh bouquet once every month for free.  That’s FREE.  F-R-E-E.

How does it work?  Out of the $20 you give TMAC, they keep $10 and the other $10 goes to Ridge Florist.  It’s a once-a-year purchase.  Every month has a different themed bouquet.  The nice people at Ridge will punch your card when you come in so you can keep track of what you’re entitled to.

So look up Mary Hohensee at a Monday Coffee and get started on spreading happiness around the park.  Or make yourself ecstatic and keep the flowers yourself.  That’s okay too!

This is what the certificate looks like.




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