David and Ann Conner, Quest for the Medallion winners

Well, four and a half weeks of clues have resulted in the TWR Medallion being found. Below is a list of the last 9 Clues with explanations in case you wanted to see just how close you might have been. 
Clue#1 The trail can start or end from here, depending on your direction of travel. This trail is asphalt and not loose gravel. (Indian Summer Trail ends/starts at Tanglewood Circle)
Clue #2 Neither a Pass or a Street, nor a Court or a Lane should be included if a successful treasure hunt is to be concluded. (Eliminating some road names)
Clue #3 The place where three drives end is where treasure hunters should trend. (Bayside, Wildflower, and Tanglewood Drive all end at Tanglewood Circle)
Clue # 4 In circles you should not drive. Focus your search inside the boundary to derive. (Look inside of Tanglewood Circle)

Clue #5  Indoors or outdoors the choice is yours. Stay focused and don’t follow any detours. (The Medallion is inside of Tanglewood Circle and could be outdoors or indoors)

Clue #6  Lots of places to sit. This stage of the search could cause you to throw a fit. (References to the many tables (outdoors and indoors) that “could” be close to the medallion’s location.)

Clue #7 If it rains you should still stay dry, even though you can still see the sky. (Refers to a location inside the clubhouse where you can still see the sky through the side wall windows)

Clue #8 In this location games are sometimes slated. Continue to search until the medallion is located. (Refers to the Bingo area)

Clue #9 Books reside near, not far from where the medallion will adhere. (Refers to the committee notebooks located at the credenza) 


NOT PUBLISHED Clue #10 Ask a question, make a reservation or offer a suggestion. In this location, there is sometimes congestion. (Refers to the credenza location where residents can sign up for activities, etc.) 

We hope all participants enjoyed this TWRTIMES contest !!

The winners, Dave and Ann Connor are seasonal residents in the Outback from Maine. They report that they joined the search after week one and were actually very close to the location on previous searches. Please join me in congratulating them on their successful quest.

No Longer Missing Medallion

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