Kitchen 22, a Small Place With a Big Heart

You all know where Turn2 Brewery is.  And knowing that, you can also locate Kitchen 22, tucked away inside Turn2, in the back of the brewery. It’s a new place, but the menu is more than adequate for a lunch or quick dinner.

All the menu items end in “.22”.  Twenty-two cents of every item is donated to the KT’s Sunshine Foundation.  This organization supports first responders, Veterans, supplies scholarships, and helps families who have suffered tragedies.  The owner, Ginny Castle, lost her daughter to a drunk driver at the age of 22.

Kitchen 22 is not your basic bar food.  They feature appetizers like Pig Candy (you’ll have to ask), jalapeno poppers, Loaded Tater Tots, Sweet Potato Fries, Mexican Sweet Corn and more.  There are six different kinds of flatbread, six hot sandwiches including Grilled Chicken, a BLT, Chicken Salad, Pressed Cuban, Philly steak or chicken, and the Dougie (grilled cheese, bacon, and peanut butter).  Tacos and salads round out the menu, along with a dessert of the  day.  All items are made fresh upon your order.

Prices range from $9.22 – $14.22, with the appetizers running a few dollars less.  Their hours are 11:00 – 9:00 Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Tuesday they close at 4:00,  Friday and Saturday they are there until 10 PM.

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