Minute With the Manager, May 3

Where is this year going so fast!  I cannot believe it is already May!  There are some great things going on in Tanglewood this month, and all summer long!  We want to thank all of the volunteers that make so many of these activities and events possible.

Hurricane Season

We are just about a month away from the official start of Hurricane Season 2024.  Please remember that if you are leaving for the summer season to properly secure and store any of your outside items.  Even what we may think is a heavy item and couldn’t possibly be blown away, can easily be lifted by the hurricane force winds and become a projectile in the storm, causing damage to your home or others.  We will have more information about hurricane season coming out soon.

Alligator Safety

Alligator mating season has started, and we are being told of  sightings of alligators in our water retention ponds.  Please remember that it is against Florida law to feed the alligators.  Always keep a safe distance from the water edges, and be sure to keep your furry four legged buddies away from the water edges as well.

Happenings Around the Community

We are so excited that the new drinking fountain for the Outback comfort station arrived today!  We will work with our vendor to expedite getting this installed.  The new drinking fountain also has a bottle water filling station for your refills while you are out walking/biking.

The hedges along Tanglewood Parkway are looking fantastic!  Many of the yellow bollards have been freshly painted, and the flowers are looking spectacular!  We have picked up some fresh flowers to put in where we have lost some due to the heat.   Please do not remove the flowers from our flower beds.

Get ready for some summer fun!  Tanglewood Team VS. Residents in Water Volleyball!!  The last Friday of the month in June, July and August!!  We are all ready to get our game on!

Office Closures

Our office will be closed on Monday, May 27th in observance of Memorial Day.

How Can You Help Keep Tanglewood Amazing?

Please make sure your pets are on leases when outside of your home
Be mindful of the speed limit
All motor vehicles, golf carts and bicycles must stop at the stop signs
All guests should be accompanied by a resident at all times.
Wear your name tag to all resident events, there are a lot of new residents and it makes it easier to get to  know your neighbors!
As always, until next time – Be Kind and love one another!

Angi Cummins, Community Manager

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