Missed Opportunities

Everyone in Tanglewood experiences their first day in the park in many different ways. I think my introduction to social life, my first morning in Tanglewood was outstanding!

We had arrived in Tanglewood quite late the evening before and had a huge truck to unload. By 11 am the next morning, I was still in my pj’s, ironing clothes with boxes scattered everywhere. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and I couldn’t find Daryl to answer the door. I’m yelling his name but he’s nowhere to be found. I didn’t want anybody to see me looking the way I looked. I still had yesterday’s smudgy eye make up on, and my hair was in a messy ponytail. I hadn’t even unpacked my toothbrush yet. Let me just say, I was not a pretty sight, bad breath and all!

The doorbell rang a second time, so I had no choice but to answer the door, and when I opened the door there were two very attractive neighbor ladies, named Penny and Barb. I was totally embarrassed. I looked like I was ridden hard and put away wet, with messy hair and there they were, wearing big smiles, dressed in cute outfits and said, quote, “You have 10 minutes to get dressed. We are kidnapping you!”
I though well, ok, how fun is that? I ran to the bathroom, and with my left hand started brushing my teeth, while my right hand was busy brushing my hair. Next, I grabbed the deodorant in one hand and my Beautiful perfume in the other hand, spritzed and sprayed while searching for my Ponds face cream.
I grabbed the dress I was ironing, threw it on, checked myself out in the mirror while applying my Ponds, and a quick dab of lipstick on my cheeks, then on the lips and I was out the door. They were laughing because I made it to the car in 7 minutes.

My neighbors were Penny Irilli and Barb Snyder and they took me to the Dreamcatcher luncheon. I had to stand up and introduce myself to a large room full of ladies. Some of those ladies have become very good friends of mine. My life in Tanglewood might have turned out quite differently had I not gone to the luncheon. I guess they found me to be open to possibilities and eager to meet new people.

Never let work, ironing, unpacked boxes or your normal beauty routine prevent you from an opportunity to meet new people. Chores can be accomplished anytime but you can’t recreate a missed opportunity.
When I die, my house may be dirty, but my soul will know, I had a great time and seldom missed an opportunity.

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