How to Secure Threads

This hint was sent in by a lady who sews.

Every time you have a blood test done at the hospital or doctor’s office, or if you donate blood,* your arm gets wrapped with a stretchy self-adhering bandage.  They are about an inch and a half wide, and come in many colors.  You can use that bandage to wrap spools of thread to keep them from unrolling and causing an unholy mess in your sewing box.  Just cut the bandage to go around the spool with maybe a half inch extra.

For the smaller spools of thread, cut the bandage in half lengthwise.  It still works.  And if your foot pedal scoots across the floor when you’re working, you can take a bigger piece of bandage and wrap that too.  It will stay put where it belongs.

*And speaking of blood donations, (did you notice the nifty segue here?) the Big Red Bus will be visiting Tanglewood again in June.  Sign up and donate a pint.  What do you lose?  maybe a half hour of your time.  What do you gain?  A mini-physical, some kind of gift like a t-shirt or tote bag, a pack of cookies and a drink, and most importantly, the knowledge that your blood can save someone’s life.


Quest Clue #3

Traffic can move in either direction. If you don’t turn off, you will have a chance for retrospection.

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