TWR TIMES Quest for the Missing Medallion

Now that the medallion has been found, we thought clues with explanations might be in order.
Weeks one, through five clues are below with explanations.
Week one
1. People pass by me in both directions. From my perspective there are limited reflections. The medallion’s location had a limited view in the lobby and any reflections were from the entry glass only.
2. Although my vision is slight, I can still tell the difference between day and night. Again, the medallion’s “view” was mostly covered but could perceive darkness and light.
Week two
3. Traffic can move in either direction. If you don’t turn off you’ll have a chance for retrospection. Refers to being located within Tanglewood Circle.
4. Two drives & 3 paths can be taken towards my location. Watch for old style methods of communication. Three cement paths and two driveways lead into the interior location of the clubhouse. Old style methods of communications refers to posters and bulletin boards.

Week three

5. From either roadway or path, it is a short hike. There is even a place to park your bike. Again, a reference to clubhouse location.

6. The stakes are high and gibberish it is not, a Porte Cochere is part of the plot. A Porte Cochere, (covered entrance) refers to the clubhouse entry doors.

Week Four

7. Stare if you like, but focus you must. Rest assured you have looked right at me, in this you can trust. Another reference that the medallion is in close proximity to many people who have probably looked at the poster.

8. As you look for my current station, it might be helpful to know that in this location there are sometimes decorations. Refers to the lobby location which is often decorated by The Indoor Decorating Committee.

9. Grosgrain ribbon is close, please excuse this lame prose. Grosgrain ribbon is the most commonly used ribbon in hatband manufacturing. Hints at the medallion’s location.

10. 5 word phrase that means to keep a secret. —— it ——- ——— ———-.  ”Keep it under your hat” an old time idiom that refers to keeping a secret.

The medallion was located under the hat depicted on the contest poster in the lobby.

Hope all that participated enjoyed the search!!

Thank you


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