Hot as H-E-double toothpiks

Hot Time in Tanglewood Everywhere

Just how hot was it on Memorial Weekend? How about in the 90’s on Saturday, with the heat index up to 107 in some parts of Florida. But, what does that ‘feel like’? The ‘feels like’ temperature is calculated by taking the temperature, humidity, and wind into account. Then you have the ‘UV’ levels. AKA Ultra Violet Light levels of radiation from the sun. The higher the UV, the greater chance for skin and eye damage, and it can happen quicker. When the UV index is high, remember to apply sunscreen regularly to your skin.

How can you protect yourself from all this heat? FEMA has a few tips to offer to avoid heat exhaustion.

1. Never leave pets or people in the car while turned off. Even at 80 degrees, the interior of the car can reach 118 degrees in 20 minutes. Also, try going barefoot on your driveway before allowing Fido outside…If it’s too hot for your feet, it’s too hot for your pet’s paws.

2.  Stay hydrated.  Check your pet’s water bowl regularly. Start Stocking up on bottled water.

3.  Find air conditioning. If you’re outside playing Petanque, Shuffleboard, or Pickleball, and notice you can’t focus clearly, or get dizzy upon sitting or standing. Don’t just find some shade in your golfcart or under a tree..  RUN to the clubhouse or Activity center and get inside where it is air conditioned! Those big orange fans can only blow hot air when it’s hot outside.  You need cool air immediately, so don’t hesitate or you may wake up in an ambulance with ice packs under your armpits and between your legs! NRB Mask, and cold IV fluids running through your veins….sorry, just flashed back to a 911 call for heat exhaustion.

If you have heat exhaustion, one thing you should NOT do is jump into the pool. The sudden temperature change could through you into shock. Although Tanglewood’s pool is usually pretty warm…still, going from a body temp of 100+ to even 86 degrees is a bit of a shock all at once. When you go into an air conditioned building, it is a quick change for your body but not as harsh as into a pool. Especially if you’re up north and reading this. Your pool is probably in the high 70’s which is freezing to us Floridians!  Keep drinking fluids, preferably without alcohol, at least until noon. Power Aide, Lemonade, Bottled Water.  Keep some with you when you go out into the heat. People who don’t live in Florida have a different view of us. Here are a couple sayings found on the internet from northerners about us. A few are ‘heat related’.

The first joke just wasn’t funny so read on…

2. When you die in Florida and if you go to hell, you may wake up in Boca Raton! 

3. Florida is a typical 80’s state, from the temperature to the humidity, and the average age to the IQ. 

4. When it’s hurricane season, I always get a little sad… you could say I suffer from ‘tropical depression’. 

5. The state of Florida is a navigational anomaly…As you move further north it grows increasingly                          southern!  

6. What is the significance of TGIF on a Florida student’s shoes? For them it means ‘Toes Go In First’. 

 7. What separates a good team from a great team?  The Florida Georgia border! 

For us ‘Permanent Residents’, enjoy this summer in Tanglewood. We have a functional pool. There is FINALLY repair work being done on our roads. You have more friends here than you ever did when living somewhere else! Oh, and the jello shots party was a great way to celebrate… permanent friendships. Take care of yourself and look out for your elderly neighbors. (the ones older than you). If you are the oldest on your block, and been here for awhile, you’ve paid it forward all those years. Now it’s time to allow the ‘new kids on the block’ to help you out once in awhile. Those 62 and under are considered new kids.

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