Missing Medallion: FOUND!

$200 richer

It took about 5 weeks, but the TWRTimes Missing Medallion contest is over.  The medallion was claimed on June 6 by Carlton Wilkenson and his brother-in-law Dave.

Carlton is a newer resident of Tanglewood, having moved onto The Circle last September.  He and his helpers have been searching since the first clues came out in early May.

Where was it?   The 2 1/2 inch wooden disc was hidden behind the Hat in the poster.  By the ninth clue Carlton was driven to peel back the poster board and there it was.

Congratulations to Carlton and Dave, co-winners of the two Nice Crisp ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS.  And thanks to all of you who looked for the prize.  Continue to watch the TWRTimes for our next contest, when we decide what to do next…

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