Betty Bows Out, With a Flourish

What a memorable evening last Saturday at the Ridge Area Seventh Day Adventist Church in Avon Park.

Applause for Betty

Our Tanglewood resident, Betty Doggette, retired after more than twenty years as the choir director.  The church was packed with Tanglewood residents and parishoners who had come to see the Spring performance.,

Betty started with the Children’s Choir.  Such little angels dressed in their choir robes, some as young as four!  Smiles and laughter spread throughout the church as we watched Betty try to rein in the wee little ones.  In the end they did not let down their choir director.  The youth choir took to the altar area.  So much talent!

Betty was so proud.  And Tanglewood is so proud of her.

The Adult Choir followed.  Those of us in attendance were on our feet as we kept time with the gospel music.  When Betty took her final bow she said she had an announcement.  After twenty years as choir director, she was retiring.  Herb, her husband of 64 years, was at her side, as were her children and the parish director.

Betty is such an asset, as well as is Herb, to all of us here within Tanglewood.  The church will miss her as choir director, but she will continue on at the church where needed.

We here in Tanglewood will also continue to see them.  Herb plays tennis and Betty spreads joy wherever she goes.

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