Helpful Hurricane Hint

Helpful Hurricane Hint

If you weren’t at Monday Morning Coffee (MMC) on June 3 you really missed out on some Very important info from not only our Tanglewood team but from members of the Highlands County Emergency management  folks. Here’s one of the the important items:

There is a waterproof and safe place to store your valuable documents,photos, etc in your house,  Your Dishwasher! It’s under your kitchen counter, secured by water lines and waterproof. To utilize it simply:

1. – Empty it of all items including the top and bottom racks.

2. – Turn off the water line gong to the DW.

3 – Put the electric breaker in the OFF position.

4 – Place items to be stored into trash a bag or 2 and tie it

5 – Close the door.

If more room is needed, empty all aims under the sink, and place items to be saved in trash bags.  Close the doors.  For additional security, tie the doors together so to prevent them from coming open.  You can also utilize your clothes washer to store items, just remember to make sure water and electric or OFF.

Hopefully we will not need this info and no hurricanes will come our way.



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