Chair Volleyball 🏐

What a fun time with a fun and very welcoming group!  Chair Volleyball plays on Wednesday and Thursday evenings 6-8 pm in the Clubhouse and is laid back evening of joking around with plenty of laughs. See schedule below.

Robin Etherton (Tanglewood Home Sales)

I spoke with Robin Etherton who brought the game to Tanglewood for residents last summer when the pool was closed for repairs. Robin mentioned the residents needed something to do on those warm summer evenings to replace the pool down time…and no water volleyball.  For those unaware, Jay and Robin Etherton brought Bean Bag Baseball to Tanglewood some years ago which is now enjoyed by 400 players in season.

All equipment is supplied by Robin with an additional net being added recently for safety reasons. Players can scoot in their chair to play the ball but must remain seated.  They usually play 6 a side but add chairs when more players come out. Hey we all get busy!

Donnie Miller took sometime out to explain how Chair Volleyball is a great way to meet people, and play a fun game while getting some extra exercise. He added that Chair Volleyball is a good alternative if you are unable to play Water Volleyball. I think he is on to something!

Come out and have some fun with a very easy going group, you will NOT be disappointed. 👍

Chair Volleyball Schedule

Wednesday/Thursday evenings 6-8pm

July 10, 11, 18, 24, 25

August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.


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