Mary Lee Cipriano

Destination – Puzzle Time !

AHH….memories.  Is there a covered bridge in your past?  Where is this one located? HAVE FUN.  PUZZLE #1   MYSTERY PUZZLE – MYSTERY #1, WHERE IS IT?  MYSTERY #2, (mwa haha)  when you click the picture you will only see PART of the puzzle!!!  Have fun!!

Destination – Alaska!

Glaciers!  Frozen tundra! Bears! Leaping salmon! Dog sled rides!  What calls you to this beautiful place?  Although some would disagree with me, the best way to see the glaciers of Alaska is by cruise ship! If you’re thinking about it, I have great information to share with you. Though there are many glaciers in this…

Welcome Sunflowers!

Have you noticed the new sunflowers hanging from lamp posts throughout Tanglewood?  These marvelous wooden sunflowers are posted to let everyone know a member of the Welcome Committee lives there!  You are no longer lost and forelorn!   Find answers to your questions at the home of a Welcome Team member.  Always know you can email…