The TWRTimes is pleased to bring you Mary Lee Cipriano. Mary Lee is going to take us traveling around the world. Let’s go meet her. By way of introduction, I owned a travel agency based outside of Philadelphia PA for twenty five years, and have been fortunate to travel quite a bit. Through this series of articles, I will tell about some of my favorite places in the world and at times will challenge you to know “Where in the World is Mary Lee?”


Lava fields with hot, flowing rivers of lava!  Double rainbows! The winding Road to Hana!  The Arizona Memorial!  Books have been written about this island paradise with each island offering its own unique treasures to its visitors.  This article is just a taste of the pleasures Hawaii has to offer. Picture yourself visiting Kilauea, one…

Destination: AUSTRALIA

Far from the familiarity of home, exotic lands beckon with sights, sounds, and sensations that defy imagination.  Down under in Australia, the horizons are broad, the experiences grand, and the natives are friendly!  Physically, Australia is as large as the United States, so it takes a bit of planning to see the key areas. Cruises…

Destinations – October Puzzles

TRICK OR TREAT!!?  Doing these puzzles are both!! Tricky and a treat to do!  Enjoy! These first two are easy…well…they’re normal. THIS IS THE MYSTERY PUZZLE…meaning you don’t get to see the full picture. You’re on your own!  Whooo!