Easter Joy

Easter Joy (Part 2)  1 Corinthians 15:22-23

Theme: The assurance and hope the resurrection of Jesus brings us

Introduction: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the essential tenant of our faith! There are well over three hundred verses concerned with the subject of Jesus’ resurrection in the New Testament. Paul’s chapter on the Resurrection in First Corinthians 15 reminds us of this truth. If there be no resurrection of Christ, then faith, preaching, singing, witnessing, worship, service, commitment, and salvation is vain. We are all false witnesses with a faulty faith and a fake relationship with our Lord and Savior.

So, one may ask this Easter Sunday morning, “Is all our faith in heaven simply a handful of religious guesses?” Is there any basis for it in reality and historical fact?

To be honest, when we push back the curtain and probe as deeply as we can, we still may not come up with all the answers we desire, it’s all still a matter of faith. But “…faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Paul told us in Rom 10:17. And it is through the Word of God we learn that because of the resurrection of Christ, for those who are in Christ, our own resurrection awaits us in glory!  This is the message Paul gives us in (1 Cor. 15:22-23).

Listening Guide – Easter Joy (Part 2)

March 31, 2024 Service and Sermon – Easter Joy (part 2)


Easter Joy (Part 1) Romans 4:24-25

Theme: The assurance and hope the resurrection of Jesus brings us

Introduction: Today is Palm Sunday, the day Jesus is coming into Jerusalem and beginning His final week before His crucifixion and resurrection that all culminate on what we celebrate as “Easter Sunday!”

But we don’t celebrate Easter like we do days like Christmas. I mean we have our annual egg hunts and baskets. But we don’t seem to put as much emphasis on it. For a lot of people, their understanding of Easter hardly goes beyond Peter Cottontail, colored eggs, and chocolate bunnies. But here in his letter to the Romans, Paul wants us to know that the real story of Easter involves a lot more than marshmallow Peeps, plastic grass, and a new outfit. The resurrection of our Lord is the centerpiece of our faith.  (1 Cor 15:20-22) Just as at Christmas Christ came to us, at Easter, He rose for us! And His resurrection has a direct impact on our own. This is what the Apostle Paul is saying here…

Listening Guide – Easter Joy (Part 1)

March 24, 2024 Service and Sermon – Easter Joy (part 1)


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