TMAC Annual Committee Reports

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TMAC Annual Report February 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024

Written by the chairman of each committee, is a summary of the year’s accomplishments.

Bingo-Richard Balduff 863-471-6438: Bingo was held 37 times on Monday evening at 6:30 pm in the clubhouse. 4,246 Tanglewood residents attended Bingo during this last fiscal year. A total of $55,639 was paid out to winners. We also have a 50-50 bingo game weekly, in which half of the money collected goes to various charities. Over $4,000 has been distributed to these charities. There are currently 20 people on the Bingo committee. Bingo meetings are held before Bingo on Mondays at 5:00 pm in the Bingo area of the clubhouse when necessary.

Country Breakfast-Steve Sykes 440-487-6603: The Country Breakfast committee prepares and serves breakfast on the third Saturday for the months of September – April. This past year we held 10 Breakfasts and served 1340 meals. We have 24 active committee members. Our committee meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month in the Community Room at 10:00 am.

Computer Club-Kristen Sapato 417-291-3558: The computer club works to provide support for technology users in the community. Membership dues are $15 for the first year and $5 for subsequent years. We have 60 active members. Committee meetings are held in the Community Room at 2:00 pm on the 3rd Friday of each month except June, July, and August. Club members receive access to the faster Wi-Fi in the clubhouse and have access to the computer lab in the clubhouse which is equipped with desktop computers and printers. We
purchased 3 new desktop computers and monitors. We conducted over 6 hours of training for club members on Google products, Apps, Internet Safety, email programs and other miscellaneous topics. We distribute a monthly newsletter which includes Tips and Tricks for members personal electronics and phones, updates, and security guidelines for staying safe online. We also completed the first annual electronics disposal drive for all Tanglewood residents.

Dance-Georgette Scherzinger (2024-2025 Rose Van Velson) 585-506-2083): The dance committee held a dance each month, including a sold-out New Years Eve dance. A total of about 2500 people attended our dances. Approximately 90% were residents and 10% were nonresidents. We have 35 active committee members. Our committee meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month in the Community Room at 2:00 pm.

Decorating (Indoor)-Gail Woolley 401-533-2190: The Decorating committee decorates for many different functions, holidays, special events, special meals, potluck dinners, dances, memorials, and weddings. We also decorate the lobby for all holidays and seasons including the whole clubhouse and activity center for Christmas with four Christmas trees. We have 11 active committee members. Our committee meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month in the Suite Room at 11:00 am.

Diversions-Bill Rulli 863-414-5807: Diversions was created in 2014 to organize and coordinate various small events into a working committee. We sponsored the “Sevens Card Game” usually twice a month all year. Bean Bag Baseball had two leagues, and open play during the summer. The Variety Show was presented in February. Our Theatre-On-A-Dime division had the Comedy Two Night show in March. We had a Jeopardy game, which we may be repeating in the future. We had a 4th of July Golf Car Parade. The annual Spelling Bee was held in February 2023. The Yard Sale was held in March and November. The Craft Fair was held in November. In December we had another golf cart parade and holiday party. In August, we held Everybody’s Birthday Party. Tangled Trivia was held on January 30th this year. The only activities we sponsored with outside attendance are the Craft Fair and both Yard Sales. A significant out-of-park attendance contributed to the success of all three of these events. We have 20 active committee members. Our committee meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 1:00 pm in the Community Room.

Genealogy Club-Marianne Jones 630-870-2250: We meet once a month on the first Wednesday of the month at 10:00 am in the Community Room. We have an average of 30 members during our season which runs from November through April. Annual Membership fees are $7. We did one beginner’s workshop with 25 attendees and have an advanced beginner’s workshop scheduled for March 24, 2024. The workshops are held in addition to our regular meetings. Pertinent information is imparted to our members at each meeting via webinars and videos. We also had an in-person speaker in February regarding historical research techniques. We brought in an expert from the LDS Genealogy Library to speak at our March meeting. Each April, we do an antiques and heirlooms sharing event at our regular meeting. A resource table is always set up for our members with the latest techniques and tips on doing research. We created a brochure we hand out at meetings, workshops, and the Welcome Gala. All Tanglewood Residents are always welcome, and you do not have to be a member of our club to attend.

Glass Shop-Peggy Colton (2024-2025 Dana Kneram) 863-214-1067): The Glass Shop is for residents who are interested in the craft of making mosaic, stained glass, and fused glass. Membership dues are $25 for the first year and $10 for subsequent years. The shop is available to members 24/7. We held beginner classes on Wednesdays for four weeks during the months of October through March with approximately 65 members attending. We also had six workshops and had 36 members in attendance. We held two fundraisers this past year. They included breakfast muffins and bread and charcuterie trays for lunch at the Craft Fair. The shop also sold donated glass craft items at the Pickleball Tournament. The committee has 72 members and meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month, September – May at 10:00 am in the Activity Center. Library-Mary Cousins 216-403-7916: Our Tanglewood Library is located at the front of the clubhouse. It is the second door down from the clubhouse door. Our Library meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm. We have 26 members during our winter season and at least 10-12 members during the summer months. We all volunteer on different days and hours to keep the books put in place as well as the work that must be done when they are put back in place. If you have not been in the library, you really need to come in and take a look. We have a lot of books and in several different categories. This year Florida was picked as a State that is focused on as a subject and as a state where an author is from, so that is very interesting as well. We are always looking for volunteers so stop in and feel free to ask questions and volunteer. We are open every day.

Model Yacht Club-Jim Child 863-414-6469: The Model Yacht Club provides fun and competitive opportunities for model sailing and model radio-controlled boat enthusiasts. The Club has 25 members who pay an annual membership fee of $25. Committee meetings are held during the months of November through April at a time and location determined in November. Below is the list of sailing times and participants we had during this past year. The 12 weeklong Racing Season (Jan – March), we raced with 10-15 participants. Tuesday at 10:00 am and 1:00 pm, Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 am. We also had “fun sailing/practice days” with anywhere from 5-10 participants. Monday/Friday/Saturday at 10:00 am-Noon. During the remainder of the year, we typically sail Monday-Saturday at 10:00 am-Noon with 2-9 participants.  Fun Events: Match Racing, Balloon Wars, and Friday Afternoon Races. Annual Match Racing This is 1-on-1 racing to determine an overall winner. 18 members participated with approximately 30 Residents spectators. Annual Balloon Wars A needle is taped to the bow of the boat, and a balloon is attached to the stern of the boat with a 12” piece of string. The object is to pop other boat’s balloons and be the last boat sailing with an inflated balloon. Last year we had 11 boats set for competing and 8 club members assisting the event with approximately 75 Resident spectators. Friday is the Afternoons Friendly fun racing and training of sailors who were new to Radio Controlled sail boats or sailing. Held every other Friday, January – March at 1:00 pm. As a side note, during the past two years, the model yacht club has funded and constructed their own docks and installed new buoys. The funding for these items was provided by TMYC club members’ dues ($600).

Monday Coffee-Polly Grant 919-333-4740: This event is a social gathering for residents and their guests that provides an update of the weekly activities in the community. Resident and their guests are required to wear their name badge and bring their own coffee mug (Strictly Enforced). The Monday Morning Coffee Committee provided coffee, tea, tropical orange drink, donuts, flavored creamers, and sweeteners every Monday morning from February 2023 through January 2024 except for Christmas Day 2023 and New Year’s Day 2024 which fell on Mondays. Coffee is ready between 7:15-7:30AM and we begin serving donuts from 8-8:25AM. During winter
months of December-April we serve approximately 14-18 dozen donuts and during the summer months we serve approximately 8-10 dozen. At 8:30 we began the program with The Pledge of Allegiance. Next, we have a weekly sponsor that speaks to our group about the services they offer, and they provide the funds to pay for coffee and donuts. After that we welcome any new residents who have recently moved into Tanglewood. We are then updated on weekly/monthly activities in the community by the Activity Director, Tanglewood Manager and Committee Chairs. Our committee consist of 8-10 people during winter months and 4-6 during the summer.
Committee updates are discussed in the kitchen before coffee begins. No other official meetings are held since we meet once a week.

Pétanque-Gary Braun 651-503-4113: Pétanque is a fun, noncompetitive, non-physical sport that gets you out of the house for a few hours a day. It’s a wonderful way to meet people in Tanglewood. It’s FREE to play for residents and guests anytime or during one of the scheduled times. We have scheduled play times six days a week as listed below. During this past year we also held 12 tournaments with 592 participants and two end of season parties with 120 participants. Committee meetings are held courtside the day before the tournaments. (1:00 pm Winter, 10:00 am Summer) New Players: Free clinics and extra balls are available for new players to use. Winter Schedule: 10:00 am Tue/Thu/Fri; 1:00 pm Monday-Saturday. New Player Clinics are available at 12:45 pm every Monday. During the winter months we have approximately 20-30 morning players and around 30-50 players in the afternoons. Summer Schedule: 10:00 am Monday-Saturday; 6:30 pm Tue/Fri. New Player Clinics are available at 9:45 am every Monday. During the summer months we have approximately 20-40 players daily. We also have Optional Participation Events that requires fees: Committee Membership: (New Starting January 1st, 2024) ($15) Annual Membership Fee is due by January 1st and includes the end of season parties. This is our first year with Membership Fees. We currently have 71 members and approximately 125 active tournament players. Committee Member Tournament Sign up Fees: ($5). Tournaments are held year-round on the 1st or 2nd Saturday of the month. Non-Committee Members Tournament Sign Up Fees and Season End Parties: ($7).

Potluck- Gayle Homoly (2024-2025 Jeff Nauman) 612-598-2044): Potluck is a social committee that likes to gather residents together to enjoy good food, meet new people and socialize. Our committee has 11 members that meet on the first Friday of the month at 11:00 am in the Tanglewood Suite. This past year we had a total of four potlucks (January, February, March, and September) with approximately 200 residents in attendance.

Shuffleboard-Pat Parks 863-382-0603: Shuffleboard is played year around. October through April three games are played at 10:00 am. May through September two games are played at 9:30 am (8:30 am in extremely hot weather). We held four tournaments this past year (March 8, 2023, December 1, 2023, January 5, 2024, and January 26, 2024) with a total of 73 players. We have 25 active members, and our meetings are held daily just before playtime.

Special Events-Donna Scorse 863-273-6983: The Special Events Committee provides entertainment here in Tanglewood. Our entertainment consists of tribute bands from all over the United States and Canada. Our shows include 10 performances from November through April on Sunday evenings in the Clubhouse main area.  We have 35-40 of our committee members meet prior to the start of each performance to set up the theater style seating and other duties as assigned. The executive board meets during the off season to plan for the next season’s performances. Season tickets for all ten performances are available in late summer for a reduced fee. Individual tickets are available pre-sale for a reduced price and for full price the evening of each performance at the door. Last Season we sold 345 Season Tickets and had an average attendance of 468 per show.

Special Meals Committee-Nola Bernstein 270-724-0013: The Special Meals committee serves dinner once a month in November, January, February, and March on the third Tuesday. We have 61 very active committee members. Our committee meetings are held on the Friday before the Tuesday Dinners at 10:00 am in the Main Clubhouse. Each committee member is assigned to a group, A or B. This way everyone has a chance to work 2 meals. We served 549 meals in the clubhouse. We don’t normally have carry-out meals but because of resident sickness we also served 23 carry-out meals this past year.

Table Games-Karen Zierer (2024-2025 Machelle Lemay 317-829-4049): The Table Games committee provides the opportunity for the residents of Tanglewood to participate in games ranging from Bunco to Rumnikube and card games from cribbage, euchre to Hand Knee and Foot. During any given month we offer 15 weekly games and 2 bi-weekly games for a total of 64 games a month. During this past year we were able to offer 812 total games with an estimated 150,000 attendees. Nickels were added in February as a bi-weekly and had 312 attendees. Bunco was added in November as a bi-weekly game and had 216 attendees. We have 12 active
committee members. Here’s hoping that 2024 will be even better with the possibility of adding new games and even more residential play. Our committee meetings are second Thursday at 6:00 pm in the Community Room.

Tanglewood D.O.G-(New 2024-2025) Charlene High 813-713-2324: This is a new committee that has been started for the purpose of providing information in training for dog owners in Tanglewood. Our purpose is to not only raise funds for the care of animals in various situations, but also to provide funds for future planned activities such as a wellness seminar and an obedience training program. The new committee has 29 members that meets on the second Friday of the month at 10:00 am in the activity center. At present, our members are gathering to create items that will be sold at future garage and craft sales.

Tech Support-John Lemek 863-471-1562: The Tech Committee supports approximately 250-300 resident sponsored events annually. As a group we provide approximately 1,700-2,000 manhours of support for these events. We also spend numerous hours maintaining and upgrading equipment. We do this to provide the best possible experience for our residents to enjoy. We have 12 active committee members. Our committee meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month in the Craft Room right after Monday Morning Coffee.

Tennis-Gerry Bentley 863-214-1953: We have a fun group of tennis players of all levels. We play Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 9:00 am except if it’s cold then we play at 10:00 am. We also have two tournaments each year. We have 10 members who pay an annual fee of $15 to help cover the cost of balls. Meetings are the first Friday of the month on the courts before playing begins. All residents are invited to join us on the courts to have great fun! We have extra racquets available if needed and supply balls. Lessons are offered if requested.

Trips & Travel-Penny Irilli (2024-2025 Roxie Nauman) 952-393-2169): The Trips and Travel committee completed 15 total trips for the 2023 – 2024 winter season with three extended out of State trips and twelve-day trips. We served over 600 travelers this season. There was also an Alaskan cruise/line adventure early last fall along with 2 cruises. Our committee has 14 members that meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 9:00 am in the Tanglewood Suite.

TWR Times-Shirley Kabet 863-385-6972: The TWR Times committee operates There are 10 active committee members. Our committee meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month in the Community Room at 2:00 pm. New postings go up nearly every day. For Feb. 1 – Jan. 31, we had a total of 117,575 hits on our site. Of these, 45,198 were “Unique” hits. A unique hit is one hit from a particular device per month. Multiple hits from the same device only count as “ONE unique hit” per month. There’s no way of knowing how many of these were from non-residents, we know there are quite a few children and grandkids who check up on their grandparents who live here. We also ran several contests during the year, to build readership.

Welcome-Mary Lee Cipriano 267-304-3649: The Welcome committee produces a folder filled with information that is given to each new resident. It contains basic info on how to find out what’s going on in Tanglewood; emergency phone numbers; a complete list of activities, meeting times, and background info; business cards from Tanglewood residents and non-Tanglewood suppliers; and instructions on what to do when leaving for an extended time. A committee member is assigned to visit each new resident to deliver the folder and have a
personal visit for about one hour. We also introduce new residents at Monday Coffee, take their photo and post their bio in TWR Times each Monday. The Welcome Team hosts a monthly Dinner Out in local area restaurants. Our attendance varies from 50-75 depending on the size of the venue. We also host an annual New Residents Gala to Welcome new residents and make them aware of the committees and groups offering activities. This year we had 125 new residents move to Tanglewood. We have 20-25 active committee members. Normally our committee meetings are held the first Monday of the month right after Monday morning coffee in the Tanglewood Suite.

Wood Shop-Steve Batey (2024-2025 Randy Cowmeadow 954-292-3683): The woodshop is an amenity open to all residents of Tanglewood interested in the craft of wood making. Membership dues are required and are $50.00 the first year and $25.00 thereafter. Currently there are 105 dues paying members. Members are also provided with an electronic key and can work in the shop any time day or night. Individuals typically work on their own projects, and many sell their projects at the Craft Fair. Occasionally members work on a collaborative project or donate work for fundraising. The shop contains two band saws, 5 wood turning lathes, 2 drill presses, a large table saw, a joiner, a planer, a router table, a belt/disc sander, a drum sander, along with every hand tool known to man, plenty of clamps of every size and plenty of wood glue. Three large shop tables with clamps allow almost any project to be accomplished. There is also a separate room with an exhaust fan for painting and finishing wood projects. Members share the upkeep and maintenance of the tools and equipment. The Wood Shop Committee meets in the Wood Shop the second Tuesday of every month at 10:00 from November to April.

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