Table Games Rules

The residents of Tanglewood love to play games, all kinds of games. On any given day or evening, you can find residents playing some kind of game that requires cards, dice or tiles of some sort.

Since residents come from all corners, they naturally bring with them variations of the games they enjoy.  Phrase One:  stranGeyeeper  (2). To make life easy for all, game players here have developed Tanglewood Rules for the different games played at the clubhouse and activity center.

The Tanglewood Rules for Domino’s, Euchre, Bid Euchre, Pinochle, Sevens, Mexican Train, Thwart plus two versions of Hand and Foot can now be found right here on TWRTimes. The Vegas version is the one played on Thursdays at the clubhouse. Just go to the top Nav Bar to “Activities” and look under “Table Games Rules”.

Some games such as Bridge, different versions of Poker and Mah-Jongg are a little more difficult. They are more easily learned by the hands on method. It will help if you do a little research to learn the basics before heading up to the clubhouse for these games. Google the game or head to the public library where you can find all kinds of books about games.

Games Times and Location

Euchre 1 PM, Activity Center
Sevens, 1 PM Community Room, 2 & 4 th Mondays
Poker 6-9 PM, Mirror Room
Rummikub 6:30-9 PM, Community Room
Thwart 6:30-9 PM, Community Room

Bridge 1-3 PM, Craft Room
Mah-Jongg 6:30-9 PM, Craft Room
Poker 6:30-9 PM, Community Room
Cribbage 6:30-9 PM, Mirror Room
Sevens 6:50-9 PM, Community Room

Pinochle 1-3 PM, Mirror Room
Texas Hold’m 6-9 PM 6-9 PM, Mirror Room
Mah-Jongg 6:25-9 PM, Craft Room
Open Games 7-9 PM, Craft Room
Bid Euchre 7-9 PM, Community Room

Hand & Foot 6:50-9 PM, Community Room
Games 6:30-9 PM, Mirror Room
Couples Bridge 7-9 PM, Craft Room

Mah-Jongg 1 PM, Mirror Room
Domino’s 6:50-9 PM, Community Room
Pinochle 7-9 PM, Crafts Room

Texas Hold’m 6-9 PM, Mirror Room

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