This game is played with three decks of cards. Jokers are also used.

One THWART card is given to each player. Each player keeps the contents of the card to themselves. Therefore, no one else knows what playing cards you must get to complete your THWART card. There are ten FREE THWART cards. When you receive a FREE card, this entitles you to another THWART card.

13 cards are dealt out to each player. The remaining cards are left in a pile in the center of the playing table. The top card is put face up on the side of the pile (this is the discard pile). The player left of the dealer starts. You may draw a card from the top of the pile or you make take the top card from the discard pile. Your turn is ended when you either make a play on your TWHART card or by discarding one card to the discard pile.

  • Jokers and 2’s are wild.
  • If a specific card (such as an 8 of hearts) is asked for you cannot use a wild card.
  • Sets: Two or more cards of the same number
  • Runs: Three or more cards numbered in order (such as 6, 7, 8).
  • Wild cards may be used in sets or runs, but at least one of the cards named on the THWART card must be used.

If a run of eight in clubs is asked (without a specific suit) then you choose the suit you want and wild cards may be used.

If only a run of eight is asked for (without a specific suit) then you choose the suit you want and wild cards may be used.

If a run of eight mixed is asked for, any suite of cards may be used along with wild cards.
If seven cards of hearts, for example, is asked for, any heart and wild cards may be used (it is not a run).

Your THWART card must be completed in your hand before you can lay it down. Then you may lay down any additional cards that would add to your THWART card.

After you have laid down your cards, you may then add to other player cards. The hand ends when you get rid of all your cards.

Only those who have completed their THWART card receive a new THWART card. Others must keep the same card until they finally complete it no matter how many hands it make take. The winner is the player with the most THWART cards.

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