Use half of a Pinochle deck (one card of each suit). You will also need a score board or pad & pen.

Trump Order:
Jack of Trump
Jack of same color
Power order of other suits: A, K. Q, J. 10, 9

Object is to make contract—either three tricks (1 point) or 5 tricks (2 points)

Deal out five cards to each player. Deal three cards at a time and then two (or vice versa).  Remaining four cards are placed on table to the dealer’s left and the top card is turned over.  Placing the remaining four cards to the dealer’s left is a reminder of who should deal the next round.

The only choice of trump is the first card turned up of the four remaining cards.  If no player is sequence orders the dealer to pick it up, then the dealer turns it over and bidding begins again in any other suit.  If no one names a different suit, then the dealer must name a suit.

Player left of the dealer has first chance to name trump and so on until trump is named.

Player left of dealer always starts play regardless of who has named trump.

Whoever takes the trick would lead the next card for the next trick.

3 tricks = 1 point
5 tricks = 2 points

If the player naming trump takes less than three tricks the other team gets two points and you are euchred.

If you go alone (play a hand without the help of your partner) and take all five tricks, you get four points.  Less than five tricks, but at least three tricks, you get one point.

Note: Important to remember:  The ‘jack of same color’ becomes the same as the ‘jack of trump’ but is second in power to it.  Example:  The ‘jack of trump’ is a diamond, then ‘the jack of hearts becomes a diamond.  When this card is played first (the jack of hearts) then everyone should lay down a heart if they have one in their hand.  The only card to beat the ‘jack of same color’ is the ‘jack of trump’.  You must follow suit at all times.  You do not have to trump if you cannot follow suit.

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