Hand & Foot (Vegas Version)

You can play this version of Hand & Foot with four or six people. Six decks of cards are needed when playing with four people. Eight decks are needed when playing with six people.

To start, pick what you think is 22 cards from the decks. Make two piles of 11 cards each. Pass the left pile to your left; this becomes your neighbor’s Foot. Pass the right pile to your right; this becomes your neighbor’s Hand. If you get exactly 22, your team gets 100 points.

Put cards in numerical order:
4 -7 are worth 5 points each
8-Kings are worth 10 points each
Aces are 20 points each
Deuces are wildcards worth 20 points each
Jokers are wild cards worth 50 points each

Tanglewood plays four hands:
1st – Meld is 90 points. Pick up 3 cards, discard 1. Need 3 red books (all the same), 3 black books (with no more than 3 wild cards).
2nd – Meld is 120 and everything else is the same as 1st hand.
3rd – Meld is 150. Pick up 4 cards, discard 1. Need 4 red books and 4 black books.
4th – Meld is 180. Pick up 5 cards, discard 1. Need 5 red books and 5 black books.

When all cards in your Hand are played, you can then play your Foot. All partners must be able to go out using all cards held in your hand. You cannot discard a card to go out to end the game.

If you have two of the same cards in your hand you may pick up from the discard pile, but you must pick up 3, 4 or 5 depending on which hand you are playing. Of course you will not want to pick from the discard pile if it is full of threes. To get rid of cards in your hand, you can add to your team’s closed books by burying your card. You may not bury the extra card at the same time you close the book.

Black threes are 300 points against you. Red threes are 500 points against you. Try to get rid of them as soon as you can. When one team goes out, any cards in the other team’s hands are deducted from that team’s overall score.

First count the books. Red books are 500 points each. Black are 300 points each. The team that goes out earns 500 extra points. Next add up all the points in the books and the cards already laid down. The team with the most points at the end of four hands is the winner.

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