Bunco Rules

The object of Bunco is to roll the dice and accumulate the most points during six rounds.

You need 3 dice, a bell (to signal beginning and end of each round for all tables, score pad and pencil for each table of four.

There are three tables, each with four players. You have a High Table (1), Mid Table (2) and a Low Table (3). Each table has two teams that sit across from each other. Pick one person from each table to tally points during each round, using tally sheets.

These points are only used for each numbered round, they do not carry over to the new round. As round ends, you may cross

out previous scores and continue on with next round.

The Head Table controls the pace of the game. The game begins when the Head Table rings the bell. One player (does not matter who) from each table starts the game by trying to roll ‘ones’ with three dice.

If one of the die shows the number you are rolling for, you score one point, and two is two points. When you roll ‘three of a kind’ of the number you are currently rolling, that is a Bunco (21 points).

Keep rolling collecting points until the Head Table either has a Bunco or reaches 21 points and rings the bell stopping the game. If you have roll when the bell rings and you have the number that is currently up, you may continue until you do not roll a current number.

If there is a tie between the two teams at a table, it is ‘sudden death’. In ‘sudden death’ the next player whose turn it is rolls, if she gets a current up number the game ends. If not, it goes to the next person to roll and son until someone breaks the tie. Also, when the bell rings and you are not at the Head Table and you were rolling the current up number, you may keep rolling until you miss.

Whenever a player calls out Bunco, they are given the Fuzzy Die to hold until the next player calls out Bunco. It is then passed to that player.
If a player rolls three of a kind but not the current up number, you earn five points. When you do not roll the current up number, you pass the dice to the next player and the round continues.

When round is done, tally your scores and mark it on your score sheet. Take your sheet with you as you rotate tables.

Winning players move from Low Table (3), winners from Mid Table (2) go to the Head Table (1). Winners at Head Table stay at Head Table. The losing team from Head Table (1) goes to Low Table (3).

When changing table you do not stay with the partner you had, you switch partners with the other players at that table. The game continues with the next up number which is 2, then 3, 4, 5 and 6. The game is done and you continue on to next game until as many games have been played as needed.

You tally your points and place them in the corresponding spaces such as wins, losses, Bunco’s.

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