Hand & Foot (Tanglewood Version)

One deck per player (up to 8 players). After cards are shuffled, each player attempts to select exactly 22 cards from the pack. They then deal the selected cards into two hands of 11 cards each. 100 points is awarded to the team for each player who gets exactly 22 cards.

One hand is given to the person on the left and the other hand goes to the person on the right. Each player puts one hand aside (without looking at it) and this is referred to as their Foot. They begin playing the other cards which are referred to as their Hand.

Meld: 1st Hand is 50 points
2nd Hand is 90 points
3rd Hand is 120 points
4th Hand is 150 points

Card Counts: Jokers are wild – 50 points each
Deuces are wild – 20 points each
4 – 9 are 5 points each
10 – Kings are 10 points each
Aces are 20 points each
Black threes are 5 points each but cannot be used in meld or required books.
Red threes are 500 points each against you if you are caught with them in your Hand or Foot at the end of the game.

Play: One member of each team keeps the cards which are laid down by all members of that team. The card keepers each draw a card to determine who starts the play.

The winner then draws two cards from the pack. If they cannot make the required meld or if unable to play after meld is made, they discard one card and play continues to their left. Each player must draw two cards each time it is their turn.

Lay downs must always consist of one more natural card than wild cards. Players may draw from the discard pile but they must take the top three cards without looking at the cards beneath the top card. They must have one natural and one wild card or two natural cards which match the top card. They must play the top card. If a wild card is discarded it is place crossways of the pack and freezes the pack. A player wanting to pick up the next card or cards must have two natural cards. Pack remains frozen until a pick up is made.

Books: Books of cards are made by accumulating seven cards. This can be seven naturals (all one kind). This is referred to as a Clean Book. Seven cards using wild cards ( no more than 3 wild cards) is referred to as a Dirty Book.

Books Required: 4 players – 2 Clean and 3 Dirty
6 players – 3 Clean and 4 Dirty
8 players – 4 Clean and 5 Dirty
Clean Books count 500 points each and Dirty Books count 300 points each. New books may be started over or cards can be buried by turning the cards face down in front of the person holding cards for their team.

Going Out: After the proper number of books is made, any member of the may go out. They must first ask the other members of the team if it is ok or ask, “How’s the weather?” All players do not have to have gotten into their Foot. A discard is not needed to go out in this version. The team that goes out earns and extra 100 points forgoing out.

Scoring: The number of books is totaled for each team according to above points. All cards are added using the point value for each card. Each player totals the number of points left in their Hand and/or Foot. This is deducted from the overall team score.

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