Tanglewood Euchre Rules

Since we are playing for prize money, all players must wear a Tanglewood “Tag” and must be at least 18 years of age. Each player participating pays $1.00 prior to playing.

The Deal: The score keeper will start the deal. After shuffling the cards the dealer may offer the person to the right the courtesy of a ‘cut’. Cards are dealt either two or three at a time; the deal must be completed in two passes. If the cards do not come out even or if at any time a card is exposed during the deal, there will be a re-deal by the same dealer. Try not to ‘flash’ the cards during the deal; any player may request a re-deal, if during the deal, cards are exposed. If no one names trump during the two rounds, the dealer is require to name trump. NO RE-DEAL IS ALLOWED AT THIS TIME.

If a jack of hearts is turned up, other players may order up hearts as trump if they have another heart in their hand. If everyone passes, the dealer may not pick up the card unless they have another trump in their hand. The red diamond bower alone in the hand does not count as a trump, as it is not considered a heart at that time.

The Play: After trump is determined, the first player to the left of dealer leads a card from their suit of choice, and each player to the left must follow suit. If the player cannot follow suit they can either trump or play a card of another suit. The team making trump and taking three tricks wins one point; a team making trump and takes all five tricks wins two points. If the team making trump does not take at least three tricks, they are ‘euchred’ and the opposing team earns two points. A ‘euchred’ team guests and “X” on the score sheet and pays 10 cents for each euchre when they turn in their scorecard at the end of eight games. A player going ‘alone’ takes three tricks wins one point, taking five tricks wins four points.

During play, if a player exposes a card out of turn, that card must be left on the table and played on the next possible trick. Once a card hits the table it is considered played and cannot be returned to the hand. If a player fails to follow suit but has a card of that suit, it is considered a renege. The hand is over and the opposing team is awarded two points, unless the offended player was playing alone, in that case they are awarded four points. A team charged with a renege gets and “X” on their score sheets and pays 10 cents at the end of the eight games.

At Tanglewood a game is completed after eight hands. Winners stay at the table and play the losers from the next table. If at all possible players will not play more than one game with each partner. If there are an extra one or two players, those sitting out for a game receive six points.

Three Handed Table: Each player’s score is independent of the other two. The person who names trump is in effect playing it alone, but they must declare “I am playing it alone” in order to get four points for taking all five tricks. If this is not declared, only two points will be awarded. If the person naming trump is euchred, the two opposing players are awarded two points each. At the end of the game, the two players with the highest scores will move to the next table.

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